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Some interesting typographic movie posters


Not all of them are great, but the one for “Stand by Me” reminds me of a piece of mine ;-)


Thanks for sharing.

Busted on the piece "Stand by Me", I too have been 'borrowed from' from my blog here (and elsewhere). It seems biters are everywhere all the time ...sigh.

"Imitation is the highest form of flattery", ...really? I think imitation is the lowest form of poverty.

I wasn't really accusing the author of plagiarism, at least in this case (I don't think the idea is very original. I'm pretty sure someone used it before).* Just pointing out the similarity.
That doesn't mean, of course, that there aren't many lazy people out there that will copy anything they see.

* Here's an interesting piece related to this issue:

I think this single subject matter is the one and only I feel worthwhile.

That being - the Individual.

When you have beaten down people in teaching positions schooling the anxious wannabes - mediocrity has won the day. There is no way in hell that at that young one's time of critical development their own sense of inner strength can be attained when being taught to comprise.

And what falls along the wayside is the respect for other people's Individual creative acts.

I was taught not to do what has already been done. If you look to a Master - seek what they sought, not do as they have done. Not because it is the intellectual property of someone else - but more importantly - because each of us has a unique contribution to give within our creative disciplines. It is there to be found and developed.

Seriously, I don't want to talk like what's her name.

Again, it's not about intellectual property - it's about being an Individual. It is the Individual who contributes something worthwhile. Not the imitator, the plagiarist, and certainly not the one who is paying homage. And when the Individual has been strengthened through proper schooling - there is no such thing as a "diminishing frontier" (cited from your linkage), because there simply is no such thing as a 'frontier' to begin with.

There are no boundaries on creativity. Only the beaten generation talk in such terms as "diminishing boundaries". And on the note of 'style', this too comes from being aware, and having developed, your own language as an Individual. Which btw is part of an ever-on-going linage - graphic, or otherwise - because nobody stands alone and everyone "is part of the maine".

So when someone condones, "imitation, influence, plagiarism, homage and coincidence...", they truly lessen us all by undermining the Individual.