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Serif font, been looking for two years now...

I am looking for a serif font, unfortunately I only have a rather low-res sample picture (attached)

What I have figured out so far is that the bold text is "Block Berthold", but I can't figure out that serif font used in the other parts. There appear to be different styles of the same font used in the picture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


Is the date 1929? It's chopped off at the bottom.

yes, I do believe it is 1929.

I have looked around a bit and gotten a lot closer: Packard Patrician NF seems to be a rather close match, but there's still some pretty striking differences. For example the curvatures and the lowercase a, b and d...

search Myfonts for "Romana".

that one is even closer, but there's still a few differences - see the apex for example, or the upppercase P and W.

Seems like what I am looking for is somewhere in between Romana and Packard...

GlossoRegular (c) 2002 T.26 Digital Type Foundry (Amondo Szegi)
is also similar

Awesome! This is almost exactly the font I am looking for - the only thing I can see would be the height of the lowercase i, but it's not that bad. Thank you very much!