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Sans serif with curly R and W

Hello typophiles,

Can someone please identify this font with curly R's and W's (amongst other letters)? My first example is from a design agency's logo. I'm thinking it was customized...I'm pretty sure my second example is a real font out there. Either way, I'm looking for a font that would have a curly R. Thin and bolder options would be nice.

Thank you!


Here's "curly" taken to a whole 'nother level...


De Gregorio, Juan Pablo/LosNiches.otf

FARROW: most probably custom (try to ask to Mash Creative). The only one I know in the same vein is Methven Flow by Kris Sowersby, not available for relicensing unfortunately.

Bouclé also shares some similarities but no curly /R.