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'And' and 'The' symbols/embellishments?

I don't know if these are actual typefaces, embellishments, or what, but does anyone know where they come from or where I can get them?



There was a thread elsewhere which addressed the question of what such thingies might properly be called as, if I recall correctly, “catchword” was the majority choice.

Some of my fonts include catchwords, but not these particular examples. However, you could try a search at MyFonts.com with the keyword ”catchword,” or take a look at Letterhead Fonts: the /THE/ especially has an LHF kinda vibe…

«THE» is set in Brothers (by Emigre).

Here it is: http://typophile.com/node/92212

The "THE" is Brothers.
{Too late! :-}


/AND/ is set in LHF Boston Truckstyle
It was stored in letter /& of the old Type-1 and TTF version of the font,
but I see the latest OTF version has a normal /& glyph...
I don't know

PS: I suppose it may exist as a 'stylistic alternate' in the new OpenType font

Thanks everybody for the help, I really appreciate it!