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What font is this?

Trying to fix an very old logo. I go nuts trying to find the font for this. Please help. maybe it's not only one font used?


This image is a little bit better. :)

Maybe it's better to post your original image without any corrections (not even re-size).
It looks like more than one fonts (unless the image quality is so poor, that some serifs have vanished) and I have the feeling that the upper part of initial |B| is a bit deformed.
I can't be sure for any matches but you may try:

for "B": http://Adobe Jenson Pro (Subhead)

for "LOM_TERT__N_T": http://Lucian BT (Bold)

for "S": http://Signata BQ (Medium Italic)

"J" & "A" look a bit like Claremont Extra Bold Italic

...but I still can't believe that somebody mixed so many fonts in a single logo...
There must be a simpler explanation to this

Thanks for your reply. Yes it's strange about all the difference on the characters? I upload the complete logo here.