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Help with Font

Anyone have any idea what font (Blundstone) could be ........Thanks.



It could be a custom work based on ITC Symbol Bold Italic - there are many similarities...
The |s| looks like it has been taken from a different font.

fvilanakis thank you. I would have to agree , any idea what font the (s) is from.

It doesn't look to me that it's based on ITC Symbol Bold Italic.

Closer: Impallari, Pablo/LobsterTwo-Italic

Steve, I know ITC Symbol it's a long shot, but it's the only font I found to resemble somehow the "Blundstone" outlines. It requires off-course a lot of work to create the letter-connections etc.

Jim, I can't find a similar |s|, therefore I 'll give you another long shot:
It will not be perfect, but you can try to transform the ITC-Symbol question mark, by flipping, rotating and cutting it like that:

Thanks for all the help guys I really appreciate it. fvilanakis thank you for your time as well i have to agree with you the outline and shapes of the letters look right to me.