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What is this for a font?

Hello Community,

i've got a big problem. This: there is a logo of a company i'm working for. The logo includes a little bit of text. Now i/we need to edit this logo, but i don't know the name of the font. Nobody in this company knows, cause the old designer is not very cooperative and dosn't want to help anything. So nobody knows this font. Maybe you can give me an hint, what it can be. I attached the logo to this post. If it dosn't work, you can see the logo at the head-area on http://www.missingscout.com.

I would be so happy, if u can help me.



Mit schönen Grüßen aus Linz …

Renko, Arran, thank you very much! You helped me a lot - my logo looks like Colaborate. Greetings back from Sigharting!

How did you identified? Knowlegde in your head or is there a tool to compare fonts?

There are tools to identify fonts. Three of the best known:
What Font Is

All three fail to identify Colaborate based on your sample (WhatTheFont! had to because MyFonts doesn’t carry this typeface), so probably Renko just knew.

Sorry for the late answer, was away from my Mac. Yepp, I knew it by heart, the awkward »t« was the giveway.