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Need 2 Font Names Pleeaasssseeee

I need the name of both fonts shown on this image ASAP - can some kind soul please help me??


I just gotta ask:
- Where did you get that image?
- What's the huge rush?
- Where do you shop for fonts?


They are fonts used on a label made by a new client at Myownlabels.com.
I tried to telephone them but they are closed until Monday. She needs material with fonts to match her labels.
Unfortunately she doesn't know what the fonts are either. I need to know tonight :(

Makes sense.
What about #3?


Sorry. I shop for them where ever I can find the font I need.

So...does anyone know?

Cool. Like where's the last place you bought a font?


Are you going to help me? I don't remember, it's been a while.

You're not going to actually buy those fonts, are you.


If I can FINDDDDD them. Do you know what they are??

hrant, there's no shame in not knowing what they are, why all the bs? If you don't know you don't know, it's cool.

It's not that (and I actually know both of them). It's that it seems highly probable that you'll pirate them, and that's not OK.


What the F*** makes you assume that??? I have absolutely NO INTENTION of pirating them! How insulting! You probably don't even know! Wanna know where I'll probably buy them when I find what they are? http://www.myfonts.com/

The script is Sloop - probably Bold.

THANK YOU, Mike. Do you know what the other one is?

Yes, Sloop... at MyFonts. The other one is Copperplate... at MyFonts:

So if you don't actually buy them (like from MyFonts...) you'll be able to relate to that shame business you mentioned. "It's been a while", she says.


I don't know anything about their business, it's just where my client purchased her labels. But because you don't like them you just thought you'd be all rude and insulting to me? What's that say about YOU?

Hrant - this is absolutely absurd! And nobody speaks up but the poster and myself? C'mon people! Is Hrant's extreme rudeness really what you want new posters to encounter and see as the face of Typophile?

The first font is, by the way, some version (there are many) of Copperplate. Try this.

Mike, read between the lines and get real. And look at the pattern of behavior of most people who ask for type IDs. What proportion of them care about this place, or the craft of type design? What do they bring of value? This is not a cocktail party. I hope.

BTW I'm just as pissed as you, but for the opposite reason.


I tried to find out what the font was by asking the client. She didn't know. Then by calling the company in question. They are closed for the weekend. I then checked on whatthefont.com. No luck there. So I googled some more and found this forum. So I thought I would ask here. Hrant, it HAS been a while since I've purchased a font. What does that have to do with anything? Usually I either have the font already or the client sends me the font they want used. I don't get your rudeness, it's completely uncalled for. And again, THANK YOU, Mike, you rock.

So posters here must, " ... care about this place, or the craft of type design" and must state strongly enough for you to accept it that they will definitely buy any commercial fonts identified for them. Do I have it right? Did anyone in charge here at Typophile appoint you as the enforcer of this creed?


Usually I either have the font already or the client sends me the font they want used.

Maybe you don't realize this (although ignorance isn't really a robust defense) but: already having pirated fonts doesn't make it OK; people aren't supposed to send you (commercial) fonts, not even people who are paying you.

Especially since I make fonts myself I don't appreciate the cavalier attitude you seem to be representing. BTW, FWIW after you mentioned MyFonts I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and reveal the names, Mike just beat me to one of them. But that doesn't mean I'm totally OK with where you stand (even if you don't fully realize where you stand).

Did anyone in charge here at Typophile appoint you as the enforcer of this creed?

No de facto or de jure authority whatsoever. All I have is my voice.

And I'm not crazy enough to suggest that any font ID should lead to a sale. But commercial font usage should.

And let me ask: Are you OK with people taking advantage of Typophile and type designers? Don't you see how often that's been happening, here of all places? And most of all: What do you want Typophile to be? Maybe I think whatever that is stinks? If so, should I try to shut you up? I've never done that to anybody here, in 12+ years.


Hrant, you're kind of an ass. I don't have any pirated fonts.

Even if I DID, which I DON'T, You're STILL kind of an ass.

Didn't you say clients just send you the fonts they need? BTW, I don't think you're an ass, or evil, or anything like that. Hey, you think I'm a saint? Not even close. It's just that you need a reality check concerning the other side of the fence.

BTW Mike, do you really believe her?


Why would I lie? You're SUCH a butt.
And they do. But it's their font. Like I want them.

it's their font.

Well, no. They license it for use (upto a certain limit) and this almost never includes being allowed to give it away to people.


Oh whatever, hrant. If a client sends me the font they want used on their material I'm not gonna
whine about it, and who the hell are you to? Go get laid or something, maybe you'll stop being such an ass.

I'm not gonna whine about it

That's a problem. I know it's not easy to be so upstanding, but -knowing that it hurts the people who make those fonts that help you make money- at least don't be so cavalier about it. Not here.

BTW, I have four kids, so that's not good advice.


Sorry I hurt ya widdle feelers. I was just trying to find out what the fonts were. Didn't realize I had to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance to hrant. And I have 5 kids.

So you should definitely stop screwing people.


Ok, I'm so done with you. You're a silly little whiner. It was never my intention to "screw" anyone.

hpp: I wish you a good night's sleep.

Nobody likes nag. Even when they're right. Trust me. I know: BTDT.

Hrant, while I’m completely with you on attempting to keep piracy and outline theft to a minimum your initial position here was totally uncalled for. With straight commercial fonts the best we can do is link to a legitimate source and hope that it (or an equivalent) is where the font is subsequently sourced.

We can’t start from an a priori position that those posting ID queries are going to get the fonts by some illegitimate means; if after the ID is made there’s some direct hint that they are then yeah, we should try to educate them that that is theft.

Angelz25, while I understand your frustration here it doesn’t give you the moral high ground and somehow make it OK to sling insults! And in case it got lost in the shuffle: in most cases it is not okay to accept fonts from a client, because they do not have the right to give them to you. It is irrelevant that this is common practice or that you’ve done it before.

Doesn't make it ok for ME TO SLING INSULTS??
That lil booger started right out by calling me a thief and interviewing the hell out of me just because I asked a simple question!
Excuse me, when I found this site in Google, by the description, I thought it WAS a forum to get help with identifying fonts!

What everyone seems to have overlooked in expressing their ire with Hrant is the patent absurdity of the image in the OP versus the cover story on the need for identification.

I mean, really: What Font Is This? How could you create the sample asking the question if you didn't already have the fonts installed?

Excuse me, when I found this site in Google, by the description, I thought it WAS a forum to get help with identifying fonts!

Identifying fonts? Partially. Doing your homework for you? No.

It was an image created on Myownlabels.com
They don't identify the fonts they use.
(As stated previously. Can't you READ?)
Which is why I asked here.
I did NOT have them on my computer.
I wasn't asking ANYBODY to "do my homework". I tried numerous different avenues of identifying the fonts myself with no success.
So chill the f*** out with your silly accusations.