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Gothic/Vampire-ish font with modified 's'

Hi all.
Unfortunately I only have one low-resolution sample of the font I'm trying to identify, and that sample contains a slightly modified letter. Thus I have a feeling that this will be a challenge. Here it is:

The letter 's' is modified a bit, I don't have the original. The word written is 'Veiskille', in case it was unclear.

As far as I know it was found on the web some time around 2000. Not much help there, I guess.

Any help would be appreciated.

All the best,


Oh, well. I suppose it was a shot in the dark. :)

Thanks anyway.

searching for similars of Stakehouse and Talon might (emphasize might) get you started. i'm off to work or i'd spend more time on it!

think i got it, but you'd be right on the modified "s".
Ogilvie from Kiwi Media. Appears that the also offer it for free


Well, well, what do you know. Fantastic!

Defiant one indeed. Thank you very much, I am quite impressed! :)

All the best,