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1920s geomectric-tendency Art Deco high-contrast display sans

Ultra Modern
Solved by: 
Tamas Ferencz

I like this. Art Deco, but with a suggestion of the International Style geometricism that's about to replace it. Plus: Love the U and the R. (Not so much the S) Any ideas? Digital versions?

Source: http://tsutpen.blogspot.se/2013/08/and-then-it-was-ephemera-84.html


Ultra Modern, designed by Douglas C. McMurtrie in 1928 for Ludlow.

Excellent! Thank you. Base on that knowledge, two very different digital versions: http://www.myfonts.com/person/Douglas_C_McMurtrie/ Pity they both lack the graceful stricture of the metal type. :)

SG & RR digitizations both acceptable in my opinion. If you prefer a more hairline effect go for the RR. If you prefer less contrast go for SG.
To compare with original check the Ludlow Typefaces book at archive.org. Ultra Modern regular and bold is at pages 166 to 169. Note that Ludlow also produced an italic.

Here is a sample from the Ludlow Typefaces book that you can use to compare with the SG & RR digitizations.