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Rounded display slab serif with swash capitals


I have visions of Poor Richard and Appleyard and Packard, but of course it’s none of those. Anyone has an idea what this could be?


Hi Yves,
this is very close to Parsons Heavy by Dieter Steffmann (with the exception of /P)
The copyright says:

Copyright (c) Typographer Mediengestaltung 2000 All rights reserved Designed by Bill Ransom 1918

This makes sense. The sample is definitely pre-digital, so probably the “original” typeface. Thanks!

Find Parsnip but not in bold weight.

You'll notice that the Swash caps Nick used in Parsnip do not match the P in the sample. Nick's are the same as the ones shown for Parsons in McGrew's book on "American Metal Typefaces..", so this tells me the P in the sample was a customization, and not from the original design. In fact the swash initials were not in the original design — Sidney Gaunt designed them, and Ransom did not approve them all, yet McGrew says they were cast by BB&S.

- Mike Yanega

Here is the original font , from McGrew's book _American Mental Type_, rearranged for the narrow window format used by Typophile

Your sample seems to be from the photo-lettering era. A swash has been added to _P_ based on the swash _T_ in the type as shown in the ATF Specimen Book of 1923.