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(x) Cuban Council Work

The image I have is too small to do a really effective search (but I did try it on WhatTheFont anyway without much luck). Does anyone recognize it? I just can’t place that flattened, horse-shoe “C”.whatFont


This is a new face under development by Test Pilot Collective.
I’ll post when I learn more.

That explains why I haven’t been able to find it. It’s very nice. It seems to be a cross between Filosofia and Bodoni Egyptian, with Georgia’s lovely x-height. I’ve always been a sucker for big x-heights.

Yow. I was getting all excited to purchcase this mystery font and use it. Well, thanks for your help!

When the waffle’s away, the cat and hen come out to play… ;)

Wait, who’s the “waffle”?

He’s Belgian, remember?
BTW, hooray for Belgium yesterday!


BTW, hooray for Belgium yesterday!



The font is Fidel a custom font by Joe Kral of test pilot collective
For www.cubancouncil.com the portfolio site of the guys that do K10K