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Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics - Frutiger, ??? {Stephen}


;i’d like to know what typeface is being used for the nbc graphics for the 2002 winter olympics (salt lake 2002), as well as the typefaces being used for the signage. does anyone know what design firm did these? (nbc obviously being seperate)

;the main graphic for nbc displays characteristics similiar to rotis serif, but is obviously not. i know it is not a proprietary face, because i’ve seen it in coca-cola’s ads as well.

;i’d also be interested in everyone’s opinions of these graphics and the typography in general.

salt lake 2002 signage icons


The font is Frutiger, or Myriad, or another one of those generics. The other font is probably ITC’s plagiarism of Rotis — I forget the name. The icons I think suck.

BTW, I love the Winter Olympics, but it’s so great living in America and not being able to watch it live…


But, Hrant! I’ve been watching them live.
The Salt Lake 2002 identity is in Frutiger.


i dont like the icons either. i could have made better ones with popsicle sticks. and when the anchor talks about the event they have the icons extruded in 3d and they rotate- for no reason. i think they were trying to mimic some 3d stuff ive seen on Xgames graphics, i dont know.

> I’ve been watching them live.

You mean in person? Grrr. Which event(s)? If you tell me the Women’s Downhill, I’m not talking to you any more.

> i think they were trying to mimic some 3d stuff ive seen on Xgames graphics

That makes sense. There’s an overall effort to make the Winter Games appeal to a younger audience (which is the reason for the reintroduction of Skeleton, a very regressive sport).

{Now, how the hell do I get this back on topic?…}


;so, the salt lake 2002 graphics seem to be using frutiger, but no one’s mentioned the typeface nbc’s using yet —that’s the one i’m most interested in.

;i agree with the general sentiment that the graphics really stink. a lot. i thought of popsicle sticks the first time i saw them, too: i wanted something to gag myself with. the extruded/beveled versions made me laugh the first time i saw one spinning next to bob costas’ head.

;off type, i am fortunate to live right on the border of canada, here in metro detroit. we watch most events on cbc, so we’re not tied to the taped coverage that nbc is dishing out.


OK, I found the one I was talking about: