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What motivates you? Need a laugh? Enjoy metaphor?

Fast Company asks "What Motivates You?"Love or Fear?

What a bizarre question. I mean it makes complete sense, but how can you choose? I certainly can't. I'll admit that fear is part of my life. But I figure it is part of everyone's, isn't it?


While I have been known to enjoy vampires...I have no idea why...and the occasional whomp on the bad guys movie...especially when it is girls doing the whomping, think Lara Croft, Hero, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Charlie's Angels, Hero, Kill Bill...I don't enjoy gratuitous violence. That said, there is something about Happy Tree Friends that makes me laugh so hard it is dangerous to be drinking water at the same time. If you are anti-violence of the cartoon-cute-and-cuddly kind, you probably won't enjoy this.


Does metaphor exist in interactive design? A very interesting thesis written by O Danny Boy. Link courtesy of Information Design.


What Motivates You? Love or Fear?

That sometimes depends on the person that I'm dealing with, sadly…


Very true, Dan. And it also depends upon the situation. I like to think I act out of love--of work, of design, of client, of boss, of family--more than fear. Why is that?


For those of you who cannot get enough of the grid on the printed page and are a little insane for gorgeous dark wood and modular furnture--like I am: Longhi

Fear of not being loved.
That's what motivates me to do the best that I possibly can at any given time.

The chance that one day, i'll never have to set foot in another retail/sales/foodservice job.
The chance that one day I can truly contribute to something of any real value.