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Alameda, CA - May 24th, 2012

Delve Fonts releases Oktal Mono, a new typeface by Joachim Müller-Lancé and Erik Adigard.

A monospaced type family composed of entirely mono-linear and modular structure, Oktal Mono first began in a design-philosophical discourse between Joachim Müller-Lancé and Erik Adigard of the design studio M-A-D in Sausalito, California. The typeface later came to life as a design experiment wherein a type designer (Joachim) and a graphic designer (Erik) collaborate each in their own capacity, from within their respective disciplines.

Designer Named to Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business

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Nadine Chahine of Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. was named today to Fast Company's 2012 ranking of The 100 Most Creative People in Business. Chahine, who designs Arabic typefaces at Monotype's Germany-based subsidiary, Linotype GmbH, was recognized alongside individuals from a variety of professions who use creativity for transforming industries and reinventing the world in which we live.

It’s time to get your Milwaukee on!

The Society of Typographic Aficionados is pleased to announce that registration for this year’s conference is now open. Take advantage of early bird pricing by registering by June 30th.

This year’s incredible conference program has been coming together at a record pace and we’re eager to share it with you. Some of the brightest names in type and design will be sharing their knowledge and skills during TypeCon2012, including:

FF Tisa Sans is Slovenian designer Mitja Miklavčič’s follow-up typeface to FF Tisa. Whether used together or separately, both of his families are excellent choices for branding projects and complex editorial applications. The original FF Tisa is one of the new-millennium favorites in the FontFont library—known for its sturdy and friendly forms, hence its common use in newspapers and magazines.

New site offers a single source for desktop and Web fonts

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Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading provider of typefaces, technology and expertise for creative applications and consumer devices, has redesigned, launched today as a public beta release. Among its enhancements, the new debuts as the only site to offer typefaces both through a Web font service and as desktop fonts. The site has been given an aesthetic overhaul and now features many prominent showings aimed at inspiring designers and other type enthusiasts.

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New font release: Krul

The Type Directors Club and Monotype Imaging, proudly announce, from June 1st to June 6th, the Type Masters Week 2012. The Type Directors Club and Monotype Imaging will be offering the unique opportunity for you to participate of these workshops with the Masters; Gail Anderson, Henrik Kubel, Bas Jacobs (Underware) and David Berlow.

Illustration: Making Pictures

St Bride are hosting a one day conference on Illustration on the 19 June 2012. Come along if you want to see something a bit different... speakers include Linzie Hunter and Ben Flynn (Eine) who create their own iconic hand lettered work. Other speakers include John Lawrence, Kai and Sunny, Nic Rawling, Peter Schrank, Helen Stephens – more to be announced shortly.

We welcome the very talented Alisa Nowak and her Eskapade to TypeTogether's family.

The Eskapade family is the result of research confronting Roman and German blackletter forms, mainly fraktur letters. The idea is to adapt these broken forms for a contemporary use instead of creating a faithful revival of a historical typeface.

We are pleased to announce that the expected sans serif counterpart to the award-winning Adelle is here.

This sans serif proposes a cleaner and more spirited take on the traditional grotesque sans. As typical with TypeTogether fonts, the most demanding editorial design pieces were taken into consideration when engineering Adelle Sans. The combination of its lively character and unobstrusive appearance that is inherent to grotesque sans serifs make it an utterly versatile tool for any imaginable graphic application, whether it is branding, signage or advertising. Without any doubt, the key word behind Adelle Sans’ design is flexibility.

The multi-disciplinary design studio, Kapitza will be joining us at St Bride to talk about their working processes and inspirations. They will discuss their profound fascination with fonts and where ideas for these are found and how they are subsequently pursued, developed and refined. Their extensive Geometric and Organic collections, for example, have been realised as published books that illustrate and explore the diversity of the font collection.

They will also share with us their experiences of the ins and outs of self-publishing, the creation of pattern fonts, how to start a font foundry, designing an app, book design and working with a worldwide audience.

Monotype Imaging is pleased to have two of its type specialists speaking at the Reading Digital Symposium on April 27–28, 2012 at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Web fonts and e-publishing tools bring a vast array of typographic choices. But how do you effectively harness type and typographic controls that were once the domain of book designers and print publishers?

Meet experts who will help you make the right choices. Monotype Imaging’s Steve Matteson and Tom Rickner go “under the hood” with type for the screen:

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P22 Announces new release for IHOF - P22 CoDependent

P22 type foundry proudly announces CoDependent, a set of two fonts, designed by Terry Wudenbachs for the International House of Fonts.

P22 CoDependent is a revival of the Independant typeface from 1930 created by Dutch designer Johannes Nicolaas Coenraad Collette along with Jos Dufour from Belgium. Independant was released in metal by the Belgian division of the Amsterdam Type Foundry in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the independence of Belgium from the Netherlands.

The 1960's and 1970's are the inspiration for Sugarbang! Everything from music packages, beach party movies of the 60's to cereal box art of the 1970's are reflected in the kooky style that this font evokes. Sugarbang! is built on a random baseline so letterforms bounce up and down adding to the “zany” look of the design. It is a minimal font set which includes uppercase and lowercase letterforms. Available at Sugarbang!- just add milk and it’s sugar frosted font goodness.

Press Release
March 25, 2012

The upcoming ISType 2012 will be held between June 15–18 under the theme of “Transmit” in a fantastic dual venue in the heart of Istanbul: SALT Galata for the conferences, and Sabancı University Karaköy Communication Center (Karaköy İletişim Merkezi) for the workshops.

ISType (Istanbul Type Seminars), conceived by Onur Yazıcıgil (Sabancı University) and Alessandro Segalini (Izmir University of Economics), is a lecture and workshop series devoted to encouraging typographic literacy in Turkey.

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Meet Chrono

New from the Process Type Foundry

We’re pleased to announce the release of Eric Olson's latest typeface Chrono. At home within a range of design environments, Chrono is a refined oval sans serif of twelve styles ranging from Thin to Black with matching italics for each. Singles, packs and the complete family are available in both desktop and webfont formats.

See more of Chrono:

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Harmonics, Patterns, and Dynamics [...]

There is a new blog providing information related to Frank E. Blokland’s PhD research at Leiden University, of which the title is Harmonics, Patterns, and Dynamics in Formal Typographic Representations of the Latin Script | The regularization, standardization, systematization, and unitization of roman type since its Renaissance origin until the Romain du Roi.

Dynatype, just released on MyFonts is on sale for a limited time at a 20% discount. Concurrent with this Introductory Sale, Alphabet Soup is also pleased to offer Dynatype's first 75 purchasers a special limited edition print:

P22 Ruffcut is the newest addition to the Sherwood Collection of historical and period-based fonts by Ted Staunton. It is an antique wood type style that evokes the look and feel of type used in the design of poster-sized advertisements for circus, fairground and like events in the late 19th century. It is inspired by the memories of printing letterpress posters on an old cast-iron flatbed press where the oversized posters were usually composed directly on the bed of the press using mostly wood type as large as two feet high. The Ruffcut Set contains 2 styles, Plain and Woody for that more authentic look, in basic OpenType format. Ruffcut is optimal for a wide array of decorative uses including signage and posters.

Alphabet Soup Type Founders and Michael Doret are proud to announce the release of “Dynatype” on MyFonts.’s the World of Tomorrow! With the push of a button Dynatype automates your typesetting experience. Dynatype is actually '''Two fonts in One'''–without switching fonts you can instantly change from Dynatype’s “regular” style to its alternate connecting version with the simple push of a button…just press the “Stylistic Alternates” button in the OpenType palette.

Here is a nice treat for all the Skolar fans. The popular award-winning family designed by David Březina has been updated and now includes four new styles: Light and Extrabold with accompanying italics. Loved by readers and designers alike, Skolar has proven its versatility. It was used for all kinds of applications and was one of the favorite choices for webfont pioneers. The new styles bring you yet more functionality with the same robust and playful feel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already own a Skolar licence please contact us to upgrade to the new complete bundle at a discounted price.

Following the highly successful Critical Tensions conference last November, St Bride Foundation is pleased to welcome Timo Arnall and friends to enlighten us about their work with design studio BERG.

A growing and significant amount of design work takes place in systems, software and electronics. But these technologies are increasingly abstracted and black-boxed, so how can designers engage with these things meaningfully? How might we be involved in developing, critiquing and reflecting upon complex, opaque and invisible technologies?

Over the last four years BERG have produced a series of films exploring and explaining emerging technologies, building models and materials for understanding and invention.

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New G-type website launched today!

At last! my foundry G-Type has a web presence. It's only taken 13 years!

You can see it here.

I have updated/extended/improved many fonts to OpenType. Not only that, but all G-Type fonts have a 25% discount for the whole of February.
The new site, created by Leeds-based agency Creode, is a full e-commerce affair boasting highly advanced test drive & sampling tools to fully explore each family’s OpenType features and glyph set. Visitors will also be able to browse my custom font and logo portfolio, plus view and comment on new typefaces in development via the interactive blog.

Type Directors Club has posted an announcement of TDC Non-Latin Weekends, a series of professional seminars and workshops on non-Latin type design.

Design Legends & Luminaries Slated to Speak
at TYPO San Francisco

Contact: Meghan Arnold,, +1.415.813.5992

Jessica Hische, Neville Brody, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Michael Bierut and Erik Spiekermann will share a stage April 5-6 at TYPO San Francisco.

With an emphasis on design, society, culture – with a little bit of kerning, TYPO San Francisco, based on one of Europe’s most successful design conferences, will take place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), centering around the theme Connect.

The two-day conference will feature a diverse array of local and international, creative and inspiring speakers across multiple industries in the Novellus Theater at YBCA, including:

Juliette Bellocq — handbuiltstudio
Michael Bierut — Pentagram

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