One of TypeTogether's latest releases, the Abril type family, keeps growing. We added two new fonts to the display part of this successful typeface. Abril Display Black and Abril Display Black Italic grant yet a bolder and more contrasted option that is suitable for the biggest headlines and signs.

Learn more about Abril typeface at:

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Stan - a contrasted slabserif

De Pinte, Belgium - January 12, 2012

Ten years ago, one would have hardly believed that slab serifs would regain the popularity they enjoy today, or that they would again occupy such a commanding position in the design of advertisements, magazines and newspapers.

The slab serif, as a genre of letter, came into existence in the early nineteenth century. The first slab serifs were crude looking, even grotesque. Their fat, squarish proportions, monoline forms and dark colour served one goal above all: to make a powerful and compelling impression on readers. Like the nearly contemporary sans serif, slab serifs dominated display lettering and typography in the West for much of the nineteenth century.

Monotype Imaging’s Web Fonts team and Google have been brainstorming ways to make Web fonts better.

Looking to reduce Web font file sizes, the Google Web Fonts team began working closely with Monotype to discuss the advantages of their patented MicroType® Express (MTX) algorithm. The results led to the joint conclusion that in order to truly maximize the value of this technology, it needed to be adopted by Web browsers and font tools. It was decided that the greatest benefits would be achieved by sharing MTX with the entire Web community. As a result, Monotype Imaging has agreed to make the MTX format, as described in our W3C submissions, available to the public at no cost.

EDITION LIDU search for author’s books, graphic books, art comic strips, illustrated short stories, photo books, hand-printed books and other original book forms which haven’t been published yet or has been self-published in limited edition.


Deadline for Submissions: 16 March 2012

Submit your project here:

January 17, 2012.

Dezcom Typefaces is proud to announce the release of "Dez Yinznat Stencil," a tough typeface with an industrial quality.

"Dez Yinznat" is a condensed stencil Opentype-savvy sans serif inspired by the industrial city of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Stencil type was often used in the steel mills, scrap metal yards, railroads, warehouses, and other industrial institutions of Pittsburgh and is almost a signature for the City.

The name comes from combining two colloquial expressions common to Pittsburgh. "Yinz" is used there like "You'all" is used in Southern States. "n'at" or sometimes "N@" is used to replace "and that" when ending a phrase.

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New release from astroluxtype: Spacepod

astroluxtype's Spacepod is a headline display font set. The font contains uppercase and lowercase letterforms with a minimum glyph set. Sold through The style suggests weird sci fi from the 1970's or the far future... you decide? Is this the font for your sci fi western book cover title with a nod to The Matrix in the story or a poster for the movie remake of Westworld? Wherever your ship takes you in the universe Spacepod should be the letterforms that identify your interstellar vehicle! See it at

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SOTA Catalyst Award: Call for Entries

The Society of Typographic Aficionados is pleased to announce the third annual SOTA Catalyst Award for young people who have created original work in type design, type history, or other areas related to typography. The award recognizes a person 30 years of age or younger who shows both achievement and future promise in the field of typography.

Embossanova was inspired by Bodoni and Lubalin Graph, an unlikely pairing says Stephen Boss, the type designer designer and owner of the digital type foundry Emboss Fonts.

Initially the design started off as a rather elongated geometric serif typeface but after the renderings were digitized, the process took on a life of its own. The capital S became the key character, setting the tone for the entire set of glyphs.

The typeface has received very positive feedback, here is a tweet from @fontscom Check out Embossanova, a wonderful
new release from @stephenboss2000! #fonts #typography

Embossanova (and Emboss' complete library) can be purchased exclusively at, Linotype and ITC.

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Type Snowflake Ushers in the Holidays

Wishing you peace, health and prosperity on behalf of everyone at Monotype Imaging.

Maax is a sans serif font with 3 sets of alternatives glyphes; standard, geometrical, grotesque
Created by Damien Gautier and Quentin Margat (bureau 205)
Maax contains 4 cuts (Regular, Medium, Bold and Black) and 3 italics (Italic, Medium Italic and Bold Italic).
Maax will be available on february 2012 on


WOBURN, Mass.--Dec 14, 2011 -- Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has introduced the Arial® Unicode® MS Bold typeface. Comprised of nearly 50,000 characters, the newest addition to the Arial suite marks a typographical first — the ability to use a true, bold version of Arial Unicode.

Arial Unicode MS Bold complements Arial Unicode MS, the regular weight of the same design, which is included in Microsoft® Office® products and is shipped in various applications.

The long awaited (at least by me!) book by Rick Cusick, "What Our Lettering Needs: The Contribution of Hermann Zapf to Calligraphy and Type Design at Hallmark Cards" is finished. Publisher RIT is now taking pre-orders

Helfa is a typeface that has been thoughtfully planned, lovingly drawn, and carefully crafted by Delve Withrington. Although a new, original type design Helfa will at once seem like an old friend. With a range of five useful weights and five corresponding true italics all in OpenType format, Helfa is a typeface that has what is needed to do the job right.

Helfa Regular and Italic are available for free. A complimentary copy can be downloaded from:

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Meret - a font family for newspapers

For Immediate Release

De Pinte, Belgium - December 7, 2011

Meret is the work of Nils Thomsen, a young type designer, whose undogmatic attitude to design and straight-on working methods are powered by research, perseverance, and the latest font development technologies. Meret is the fruit of this approach, formed during Nils's time on the Type]Media course at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

happy designers, happy designs, happy typesetting, happy leading, happy tracking and kerning, happy lettershapes, happy readers, happy clients and now... HAPPY PRICES

20% off on all purchases through January 2.
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TypeTogether wishes you a happy and healthy holiday seasson!
More information at our website

Sutturah – dangerous curves!

Designed by Octavio Pardo, Sutturah is a display font intended for poster and editorial design. It was born as an exploration of new text patterns. The font combines very detailed and constructed shapes with script flavour. The design has varied influences, from gothic fraktur to the display super black high contrasted wood types.

Soleil, designed by Wolfgang Homola, is a geometric sans serif typeface. Unlike most existing geometric sans serif typefaces, it has asymmetrical counters, making it look fresher, more dynamic and more contemporary. Simple geometric forms – such as the circle or the square – played a certain role in the design of the letterforms, but in order to introduce more fluidity into the rather stiff and rigid concept of geometric sans serif typefaces, a lot of optical corrections were necessary.

Floodfonts offers a new typeface for free download: POLARIS uses historical references as inspiration: slab-serif fonts in a turn-of-the-century style. In combination with modern elements and a technical-like drawing style the font develops an unusual, cool retro charm. Polaris comes with an extensive character set to support all central-european languages.

Monotype Imaging Announces Winning Entries for the Second Annual Web Font Awards

International Competition Honors Exceptional Use of Web Fonts in Web Design

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has announced the winners of its second annual Web Font Awards, the international competition that recognizes websites that incorporate exceptional use of Web fonts. First place in the Judges’ Choice category went to “DAS FORK” from Fork Unstable Media GmbH, and the Community Choice winner was “Baltimore Fishbowl” from Fastspot.

WOBURN, Mass., Nov. 10, 2011 – Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE) and Bitstream Inc. (Nasdaq: BITS) today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement for Monotype Imaging to acquire Bitstream’s font business in an all cash merger valued at $50 million, subject to adjustments based on the closing net asset value of Bitstream. The transaction has been approved by the boards of directors for both companies.

Creators of the Original Georgia and Verdana Fonts Collaborate to Expand their Versatility

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has released the Georgia® Pro and Verdana® Pro typeface families, available from Originally designed by Matthew Carter 15 years ago and adopted by every major computer operating system, Georgia and Verdana are now available as Pro families. Each comprises 20 weights and features advanced typographic capabilities and extended character sets.

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Hey out there,

There is a job in education available

Academy of Arts Stuttgart, as a teacher of typedesign and typography

Low income but best opportunities, a life-task

More -- read the joboffer unfortunatley only german speaking

Nice colleagues one of the best printing

Shops with a hell of lead and wood

Designed by Miguel Hernández
Mija is a grotesk vernacular handmade typeface whose imperfections make it perfect. It is a fresh hand-painted display face with a warm and organic feel. This full-of-ink-traps typeface is inspired by local vernacular signs. Mija looks good at both large and small sizes. The family is available in a 4-font combo package, suited for solving most common text hierarchy problems in graphic design; Roman, Bold, Italic and Small Caps.

Mija is derived from the words ‘mi hija’, which literally translated means ‘my daughter’. Mija is a Latin American Spanish term of endearment most of the time used by an older person to a younger girl or woman.

Designed by Paula Nazal Selaive

We’re pleased to announce the long-awaited release of Elena from type designer and Process Type Foundry partner Nicole Dotin. Designed specifically for text and extended reading, Elena is a contemporary text face well suited for magazines, books and editorial design. Pairing the inspiration of the broad-nibbed pen with a desire for a modern page color, Elena is a face of economical proportions, moderate x-height and spare details.

Alphabet Soup Type Founders and Michael Doret are proud to announce the World Premiere of “Dynascript” on MyFonts.

Dynascript brings the ease of “Pushbutton Automatic” to your typesetting experience. Dynascript is actually 2 fonts in 1-without switching fonts you can instantly change from Dynascript’s connecting font to the non-connecting italic with the simple push of a button...

...just press the “Stylistic Alternates” button in the OpenType palette

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