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New Mary Read Italics!

Here we are: Additional weights and additional swash-letters in the Mary Read Family.
And: I drew new caps for each weight. Have fun!

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DINfun Pro

The DINfun Pro fonts are special versions of the classic DIN 1451 Mittelschrift, far removed from the original typeface's serious and no-nonsense roots. I have made them as companions to the classic, with some some very different expressions, complete with a large multilingual character set. Time to spice up that DIN profile! :)

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There's a TypeCon Brewing in Milwaukee

Brew Town. City of Festivals. German Athens. MKE.

The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) is pleased to announce that Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will be the host city for TypeCon2012.

Birdy was especially created during the Graphic Design Walk as part of the London Design Festival.The event was organised by the team of GraphicBirdWatching who invited TypeTogether to participate. Veronika was drawing live this new typeface, Birdy, conceived there and then. A projector allowed visitors to follow her drawing letters and gave opportunity to ask questions directly about the design process. Birdy is now available for free to download. The character set is limited to upper- and lowercase a some basic punctuation. An extension is in progress. Keep in touch for updates.

Designed by Daniel Hernández

Sánchez is the Latinotype’s first display type family. It is a serif typeface belonging to the
classification slab serif, or Egyptian, that bears a strong resemblance to the iconic Rockwell, but
with rounded edges— offering contrast and balance to the square structure. Sánchez comprises 12
variants, ranging from extra light to black, each of the same x-height. Regular and italic variants are
available for free.


Designed by Paula Nazal

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TDC²2012: Submission Open

The submission of entries to TDC² 2012 is now officially open. To enter your type designs to the competition go to, choose ‘ENTER’ in the middle column (‘TYPEFACE DESIGN’), and fill out the on-line forms.

Monotype Imaging Announces Call for Entries for its 2nd Annual Web Font Awards

Website Submissions that Showcase Best Use of Web Fonts Now Being Accepted through Oct. 28, 2011

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, is now accepting entries through Oct. 28, 2011, for its 2nd annual Web Font Awards , the international competition that recognizes websites that incorporate exceptional use of Web fonts. Winners will be announced following a live judging event during the Future of Web Design conference, Nov. 7-9, in New York City.

Monotype Imaging Adds 10 Collections and Over 900 Web Fonts to Web Fonts

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has expanded Web Fonts with the addition of over 900 fonts, including collections from 10 typeface foundries new to the site and new designs from the company's Monotype®, Linotype® and ITC® libraries. More than 12,000 Web fonts are now available from Monotype Imaging's Web font service.

Monotype Imaging's XPS-to-PCL 6 and XPS-to-PostScript Vector Conversion Filters Selected for the Next Version of Windows

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has licensed its XPS-to-PCL™ 6 and XPS-to-PostScript® vector conversion filters to Microsoft Corp. for use in the next version of Windows. Monotype Imaging's XPS-to-PCL6 and XPS-to-PostScript driver technology enables printer device manufacturers to quickly and easily support XPS (XML Paper Specification) without modification to their PCL6 or PostScript printers.

Monotype Imaging Introduces the Parkinson Electra Typeface Family

Inspired by the 1930s Electra Typeface, Parkinson Electra Offers New Vitality in a New Design

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has released the 6-font Parkinson Electra® typeface family, available from Designer Jim Parkinson based his design on the 1930s work of William Addison Dwiggins, whose Electra typeface created for the Linotype® collection has been widely considered a classic book face of the 20th century.

P22 type foundry proudly announces P22 Mackinac Pro, a brand new font family designed by Mike Beens for the International House of Fonts.

P22 Mackinac Pro (pronounced Mackinaw) spans four centuries of type design, bridging the Old World with the New. This family of four weights and corresponding italics is of old style construction, with a diagonal weight stress. Contrast between thick & thin is modest and proportioned the same for all fonts. The tall x-height recommends itself to a wide variety of text and display uses; including advertising, publishing, signage and packaging.

Tension is frequently described as a positive in design, with designers balancing opposing constraints and visual ideas in often ‘perfect tension’. Design work balances a whole series of tensions: analogue–digital; male–female; Twitter–Facebook; art–design; East–West; old–young; interns–employees; global–local; micro–macro; educated–‘feral’; in-house–independent; degree course–short course/apprenticeship; designer–client.

Improved Font Browsing and More Comprehensive Search Results Headline New Features

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, and its subsidiary, Linotype GmbH, have revamped, offering visitors an improved site experience for all things relating to typefaces – from browsing, licensing and downloading fonts to learning about type and how to use it effectively.

The idea for a Book on Books comes from John Boardley – the well-known editor of, the Codex magazine and inventor / originator of lots and lots of other interesting and innovative activities in the field of typography. He will edit the paper version of our work and write about the typefaces. We hope to publish it with Gestalten.

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The magic of type design

From 10 September until 2 October 2011, Expert class Type design (EcTd) 2010–2011 students of the Plantin Institute for Typography will show their work at the famous Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. The title of the exhibition is De magie van het letterontwerpen | Van schets tot digitale letter (The magic of type design | From sketch to digital type).
The students’ work is presented and explained on large panels, printed by Agfa. Also original sheets showing different stages of the design processes are displayed in showcases.

Esteemed Typophiles,

We're taking the site offline today at 5pm to perform a much-needed server upgrade. Typophile will be down for the duration of the weekend so we can perform all sorts of exotic tests, and we're planning to bring everything back online on Monday, 29 August.

Enjoy your weekend!

//Jared, Joe and Zara

Edge360 Adds a New Dimension to Text for Manufacturers and Developers of Consumer Electronics Devices

WOBURN, Mass., Aug. 17, 2011 – Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has unveiled its new Edge360™ Technology, an embedded solution for delivering crisp, dynamic text in 2D and 3D environments. Supported by Monotype Imaging’s iType® font engine version 5.0, also newly released, Edge360 works on devices such as smartphones and tablets that support OpenGL® ES 2.0 hardware acceleration technology.

A video demonstration of Edge360 is available at

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P22 Announces New Release for August - Lucilee

P22 and the International House of Fonts announce the release of Lucilee by Michael Clark.

Lucilee is a full-featured, OpenType script font from Michael Clark. It is a sweeping italic with many alternates, including ligatures, beginning and ending swashes, and a full Central European character set. This joining script is fluid and elegant and can be used for a wide variety of uses. Lucilee was designed with packaging in mind, but is well suited for titling and bold statements.

FontFont designers have been recipients of prestigious type design awards, but few can claim to have been even before their creations were officially published. Ludwig Übele’s FF Tundra — a recipient of a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design at this year’s TDC2 competition — is now available for licensing.

Branding Through Custom Typography

When: Tuesday, August 16th, 4:00-5:00 PM Eastern

Please join Monotype Imaging’s Creative Type Director, Steve Matteson, for a free HOW Magazine DesignCast titled “Branding Through Custom Typography.”

Register for free here.

About the DesignCast

Delve Fonts presents Uppercut Angle, by Joachim Müller-Lancé.
Available now at:

Joachim Müller-Lancé’s Uppercut is a rather sporting fellow, originally developed for the Krav Maga training center of San Francisco (Krav Maga is a simple and efficient self-defense system that has become equally popular in Hollywood and with law enforcement). Joachim has spent several years training, hitting things and people whenever he needs a break from kerning. Uppercut can be seen on the school’s t-shirts and other articles.

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Anne Bonny Type

Anne Bonny is the latest typedesign-project of Berlin based Melle Diete. Anne Bonny is the comrade of Mary Read Type. It has the same proportions and nearly the same OpenType-Features. It is a Bodoni-inspired typeface with a sweet and female touch. You can choose between the swashes-feature, initials, final letters, many ligatures and ornaments.

Letter.2, the 2nd type design competition organized by the Association Typographique Internationale, is open for submissions until August 15. All type designs finalized between August 2001 and August 2011 are eligible for entering this contest. The jury will meet in Buenos Aires in October 2011 and will make a selection of winning entries based on their design excellence. The winning designs will be exhibited at the 2012 ATypI conference.

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