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ApexSans announcement

Thirstype is pleased to preview the new sans serif typeface by chester & Rick Valicenti; ApexSans. Point your Safari browser at

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New Astigmatic Font Collection on Sale Now!

The Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute has just released its Specimen Collection Vol. I. From inspirations both retro and today, Volume I captures an eclectic array of offbeat and playful...

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Calling all Specimen Books!

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Antenna Design - Rochester, NY

Location: Rochester Institute of Technology, NY Description: The School of Design and the student IDSA chapter is hosting a presentation by Antenna Design on Thursday, January 16...

Matthew Carter and Charles Creesy to present on Monticello at The Grolier Club in New York. BUFFALO, NY, JANUARY 11, 2003 - In an event of interest to type lovers and history buffs alike,

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I don't know how "news" this is (it certainly was to me), but you gotta check out this killer font commissioned from Rodolfo Capeto for Houaiss, a Portugese-language dictionary...

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Typophile Forums 2.0!

Typophiles, We are proud to announce the reopening of the Typophile Forums. Thanks to some generous contributors, we have upgraded the board, and now you can enjoy dozens of new features in...

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* Forums are Down *

Happy holidays, everyone! We'll see you on January 6th, 2003 - bigger, badder, and better than ever. Jared Benson Joe Pemberton typophile | typographic collaboration

We can only hope that once you've seen our review of Indie Fonts, it will be clear that the photo essay was in the works before Stephen beat us to the punch over at Typographica -- not that we...

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Hyperfoundry Apollo 26 announces its second retail release, Flame N Skull, a Mini Design Kit that is instantly downloadable after payment confirmation. Flame N Skull features two fonts from the...

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Going Down for Maintenance

For the first time in 2 1/2 years, we're taking the Typophile Forums down. The programmers have been working long and hard, and we're going to do some long-needed revamps and improvements....

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Last Day to Vote for the Typophile Tee!

Typophiles, Here's your friendly reminder that December 14th is your last day to vote for your favorite finalist for the Typophile Tee #2. Complete voting details are found

FOR IMEDIATE RELEASE Typeco releases it's second font family - Chunkfeeder. Chunkfeeder was inspired by the vernacular forms of lettering created for high speed printing and...

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Surprise Wedding

Yes, it's true, Emigre fonts are now being sold at MyFonts. Go baby go! hhp

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Typophile SmallTalk

Need something to impress your friends at the next book signing? With the Typophile Small Talk Generator, doors will open in your career that you never dreamed possible. Schmooze...

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New issue of

Hi! The new issue of JAZZ (Design+Type+Music) is ON LINE. You can check it at:

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The Creation of Captain Kidd

Swashbucklers and scallywags! Just when you thought piracy and fonts didn't mix, Dave Nalle over at Scriptorium has posted a fascinating article about the creation of his "Captain...

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Altered Ego Fonts Gear now available

T-shirts, hats, and other wearables, and lifestyle gear featuring designs from the Altered Ego Fonts library are available at

Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives us great joy to announce the long-anticipated winner of the first annual Typophile Tee contest. But first let's thank our judges, Rich Roat...

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Fountain: New site - new fonts

November 22, 2002 After more than a year - the final code has been typed in - the new Fountain site is finished. We introduce to you a new design, new typefaces and new designers....

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Fancy yourself a type designer? Great we would love to see your stuff. Eleven year old typefoundry Lunchbox studios announces the NEW Lunchbox Fonts foundry seeks to promote both the newest...

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Withrington, Exhibiting

From the talented artist and typographic designer, Delve Withrington: " I'd like to invite you all to some upcoming gallery exhibits that I'm...

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Letras Latinas

Este espacio digital tiene como objeto contribuir al conocimiento de alfabetos a través de distintas modalidades de participación. En Letras Latinas...

Here are 2 excellent workshops with spaces still available as of 11-4-02... John Downer on signwriting and Carl Rohrs on brush lettering German typefaces. Society of Scribes...

Hello fontworld, i'm glad to present you the 2nd Regles:Zero issue. you can download it at ...

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