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Typography book needs submissions

Breaking the Rules in Typography CALL FOR ENTRIES Deadline: Aug. 16, 2002 Entry form:

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APOLLO 26 to release DEFCON DESIGN KIT ------------------------------------------------ Los Angeles-based design trio Apollo 26 has launched its site and is proud to announce its first retail...

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Yes, We're Open

Open is a design studio in New York City. Our work includes identity systems, print (such as advertising, packaging and publications), motion graphics and web design. We help people figure...

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Emigre #16: Collector's Copies Sale

ANNOUNCING: Emigre #16: Collector's Copies Sale + Rare Emigre Poster Sale -------------------------------------------------------------- Emigre #16 To...

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ATypI-Rome Talk

A short sequence of web pages promoting my upcoming talk at ATypI-Rome:

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Fontomas | 02/1

Fontomas is back with ambitious plans to release a CD-Rom compilation of their fonts sometime in early Fall 2002. Be sure to...

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Typophile Public Service Announcements

Typophile Public Service Announcements Help make the world a better place. Use the Typophile PSAs prominently on your site. Of course, Typophile has no ad budget

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New: Indivisible from Process Type Foundry

Is a complete reduction of form a viable and conceptually accurate approach to type design? Indivisible is a free 10 pitch monospaced typeface with a complete character set. Available now:...

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ATM for

Have you signed the petition yet? "We, the designers, art directors, typophiles and other users of MacOSX ask that Adobe Systems Inc. address our stress and frustration by...

ANNOUNCING: Emigre #63 Scenic: The Acid Gospel Experience With this issue we turn once again to a long-time Emigre collaborator. This time, however, we hope to expose a...

ANNOUNCING: Fairplex Font Release Emigre (the Book) Back In Stock -------------------------------------------------------------- Fairplex Designed by Zuzana...

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Design the Typophile Tee

Announcing the first annual Typophile t-shirt design contest. Through August 30th, Typophile is holding open submissions for our first annual Typophile t-shirt design contest. ...

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Typophile Desktop Calendars

We're happy to announce the first in a series of monthly desktops that we're calling the Typophile Calendars, available at

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FSI FontShop International releases

FSI FontShop International releases

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FK.DE: listen 2 typography

FK.DE presents .............................................. dear ladies and gentlemen we are pround to present hearable typography: visit us:

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My baby is about to born... we think will be in the end of June. Is name will be Gonçalo Giambattista Bodoni! Isn't that a typographic event?

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Warning to Mindcandy Designers?

The following was passed along to me by a couple of different people, which made me decide to go public with it - I'm thinking the designers represented at Mindcandy might want to see this -...

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FONT BOUTIQUE is an independent label founded by Heinrich Lischka (Typografski) in 2002. We start off with the type NOGA - an elegant, slender Grotesk with a human...

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New Monotype Classic Library catalogue available

The new and improved Monotype Classic Library catalogue is now available. Boasting many new releases, the library is a wonderful typeface resource for the design community. All the fonts in...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE --------------------- TypeCon2002 Programming Information Now Available Online. BUFFALO, NY, JUNE 7, 2002 - The Society of Typographic Aficionados...

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New: Process Type Foundry

Announcing the launch of Process Type Foundry. As part of our opening celebration we are releasing four new font families. All families are available now for immediate download.

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Sauna font & book released by Underware

SAUNA FONT ----------------------------------------------- Underware has released its second font family: SAUNA. After three years of work, the Sauna font is finally released. The...

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