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Poem Script /// New font, Video & Photo-novel

Poem Script is a mixed collection of interpretations conjuring a late nineteenth century American pen script style. Though not an actual Italian letterform, this style was called "Italian Alphabet" stemming from an old penman's term for an alphabet where the stress or shades are opposite their normal placement. The American variant followed from the late eighteenth century British hand also confusingly called "Italian Hand," which itself evolved from some seventeenth century French batarde scripts.

i have launched version type foundry - version type foundry is a new york city based type foundry & custom type service based in new york city founded in 2010 by justin thomas kay. justin is a creative director and graphic designer with a strong focus in creating work based on basic explorations of shape, color and typography. he was chosen as one of the 50 young guns for 2008 by the art directors club of new york city. currently justin is creative director of FADER magazine & media group and freelances for various clients out of his studio in new york city.

right now i have one release thats been in the pipeline for quite a few years, finally got around to wrapping it up and putting it out into the wild. more to come!

Monotype Imaging Adds Omnibus, Emboss and Tour de Force Collections Plus Over 500 Fonts to Web Fonts

Selections from a Variety of Foundries Expand Diversity of Web Font Offering, Now at 11,000+ Fonts

Monotype Imaging, a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has introduced more than 500 Web fonts to its Web Fonts offering, now featuring more than 11,000 Web fonts. New fonts include selections from three type foundries recently added to Web Fonts: Omnibus, Emboss Fonts and the Tour de Force Font Foundry.

Altered Ego Fonts announces the release of AE Prosperity, the first original script typeface released by Altered Ego®.

Originally commissioned in 2003, AE Prosperity (the typeface) is named after the schooner Prosperity, that sailed the high seas in 1779. The ship was granted a Letter of Marque to become an auxiliary of the navy by a young continental congress. Wıth 6 guns & at twenty tons, she sailed for patriotism and profit. The schooner Prosperity was captained by Joseph Sooy, an ancestor of Brian Sooy, the principal designer of Altered Ego Fonts.

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has introduced the 22-font Neue Haas Grotesk™ typeface family — the original Helvetica® design — into the company's Linotype® collection.

New Feature Provides Customer Control over Web Font Deployment

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has added a self-hosting feature to its Web Fontssolution, enabling enterprises to host Web fonts using their existing servers or content delivery network.

Australian type foundry LETTERBOX is proud to announce the release of two new faces (Brunswick Black + Gordon) along with a re-release of our library. Hope you enjoy them.

New Fonts
See Brunswick Black at

See Gordon at

Revised Entire Revised Library

Once again, the Society of Typographic Aficionados will be holding a silent auction during TypeCon to raise funds for their educational activities. If you have any typographic trinkets, knickknacks, bibelots, ornaments, baubles, objet d’art, collector’s items, rarities, curiosities, oddities, kickshaws, or tchotchkes that you’re willing to part with … donate them to this year’s silent auction. Share your exceptional taste with other type fiends, clear space on your shelves so you can buy new collectable, and above all … help support a great cause.

Since SOTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donations are tax-deductible, as well.

Monotype Imaging, a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has added a self-hosting feature to its Web Fonts solution, enabling enterprises to host Web fonts using their existing servers or content delivery network.

“We’ve spoken to a number of companies who prefer the ability to control and deploy Web fonts themselves, just as they do with other Web assets,” said Chris Roberts, vice president of marketing at Monotype Imaging. “We listened, and today our professional-tier subscribers have the flexibility to work with fonts either in a self-hosted environment or through our existing hosted service. We’re firmly committed to providing the world’s most comprehensive, convenient and easy-to-use Web font solution.”

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Call for Submissions: TypeGallery2011

Submissions are now being accepted for inclusion in TypeGallery2011, the 11th unjuried showcase of new typeface design presented by the Society of Typographic Aficionados.

Typefaces that have been created, published, or significantly updated between June 2010 and July 2011 will be accepted. Both traditional type specimens and designs showcasing typefaces in use will be accepted.

Submission deadline is July 1st, 2011.

Works will be exhibited during TypeCon2011 in New Orleans and may also become part of an online exhibition or selected for print publication by SOTA. In past years the TypeGallery has also travelled internationally after the initial exhibition.

The second release from astroluxtype, Dragon Fang, is a single weight headline display font. The style suggests Medieval font forms but in a contemporary sense. The font contains uppercase and lowercase letterforms which include a few alternate characters, look for the swash "B" and "D" to give your design project a special look. Influenced by everything from Rick Griffin and Linotext to tribal tattoo art this font will bring a contemporary edge to your design projects. Fantasy book cover art to that goth album cover you should find many uses for astroluxtype's Dragon Fang. Available Now at Link:

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Familiar Pro

This family was inspired by a Type Battle here at Typophile: How would you design a font metrically compatible with Helvetica, but better than Arial? Working with preset letter widths was an interesting constraint, both a relief and a limitation at the same time.

On 24 May, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and other countries that follow Eastern Ortodox tradition, celebrate Saints Cyril and Methodius day. This day also commemorates the invention of the Glagolitic and Cyrillicalphabets.

In the ninth century, Glagolitic was invented by two brothers known as the “Apostles of the Slavs” to translate Christian texts into the language of the Great Moravia region. Later on, in the 9–10th century, one of their disciples who moved to Bulgaria invented the Cyrillic alphabet as a derivative of the Glagolitic and Greek alphabets.

Imagine you’ve been tasked with delivering a design brief across multiple digital platforms. You’ve constructed a pristine template with evenly set grids and equally balanced guidelines. It looks perfect, but it only applies to print. How would it look on a mobile phone screen? You certainly can’t replicate it there. And what about the explosion in tablets? You quickly find it’s not as simple as you first thought. But you’re not alone – it turns out the ‘digital niggles’ associated with fonts are the most challenging aspect of digital design briefs today.

What about new blood in German typography?
How do students deal with typography?
What do the studies of typography in Germany and abroad look like?

The two-days symposium will take place this year at the University of Arts in Poznań (Poland) on 18–19 June 2011. The theme of our conferences is type and typography. That is not going to change any time soon. This year we aim to accentuate the social aspect of the symposium. In the end, the word symposium refers to drinking party or convivial discussions held in ancient Greece. The two days will include exhibitions, an evening full of short type presentations (aka TypeShorts), party, and of course a day full of excellent lectures.

The super-low-cost early-bird registration is over in just one week! The registration ends on 6 June unless we run out of space earlier.

ISIA Urbino Type Design Week is a one week intense course which will take place the last week of July at ISIA (High Institute for Applied Arts), in the Renaissance city of Urbino in Italy.

For one week the students will be guided by proven professionals in the development of an individual type design/lettering project. An interesting programme of lectures will provide the participants with background information addressing discourses and techniques of type design and the design of letters as a critical design process.

Dalton Maag's crew will be the leading team for 2011. Bruno Maag, together with Jonathan Pierini are looking forward to working hard with you in a studio-like environment.

Dans Le Cuisine
Designed by Guisela Mendoza
Wild curves, flavors and experimentation, this is Dans Le Cuisine a set inspired by the recipes magazines of the 60’s in Chile.

It’s easy to find sans serif typefaces with multiple widths and weights, but large serif families are much less common. The 30-font FF More fills this void. Five weights in each of Condensed, Regular, and Wide widths answer every need of publication design, from strong headlines to readable text and space-efficient information graphics. FF More’s sturdy serifs and gentle contrast withstand the rigors of magazine and newspaper design — retaining clarity despite size, background, or substrate.

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Fidelia Script Typeface

The typeface is created by Berlin based typedesigner Melle Diete.
Fidelia is a dynamic, disconnected script-typeface.
It combines the hand-drawn aspects of classic scriptfonts with
disconnected modern display fonts of today.
Fidelia is available in 4 weights and has many alternate letters,
ligatures, ornaments and features for typographic variety:
choose between normal styles, the swash-letters-feature and extra-swashes.
The caps are available in three style versions as well.

Have a look:

We’re pleased to announce that registration for this year’s conference is now open. Take advantage of early bird pricing by registering before May 31st. You can save even more on registration by joining the Society of Typographic Aficionados or renewing your SOTA membership.

This year’s incredible conference program is starting to come together. Over 100 of the brightest names in type and design will be sharing their knowledge and skills during TypeCon2011: Surge, including:

The international experience will inform the participants about type design and typography and about Dutch design in general.

The V I D E Summer Design Experience 2011 (15.08 until 28.08) will be prepared with the greatest care and will be guided by Donald Roos, graphic- and type designer from Amsterdam in cooperation with his colleague Jacques Le Bailly. They both studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Donald teached at art academies in Rotterdam, The Hague and Tilburg and Jacques teached at the art academy in Rotterdam and was recently lecturer in Breda.

Several designers are invited to give short workshops and presentations during the VIDE Summer Design Experiences 2011. Also city-design-trips will be part of the two weeks Experience.

The Type Directors Club is proud to announce, from June 6th to June 10th, the Type Masters Week in New York City. By celebrating 65 years of typographic excellence, the Type Directors Club will be offering the unique opportunity for you to participate in one day workshops with the Masters; Erik Spiekermann, Cyrus Highsmith, Ale Paul, and Luc(as) de Groot.

Four One Day Workshops, 8:30am – 4:00pm
The following workshops will take place at Type Directors Club, 347 West 36th Street, Suite 603, New York, NY 10018.

What makes a good typeface?
Erik Spiekermann, Tues. June 7

Thinking in Contours
Cyrus Highsmith, Wed. June 8

Lettering for the masses

The relentless surge of digital and the proliferation of media platforms present a considerable new challenge for brand managers, designers and developers. Brands cannot ignore the opportunity offered by digital consumption, yet representing themselves on digital formats, reliably and consistently is a complex technological maze. The result is that, while purely digital players are now flourishing in the mobile app and web space, many organisations are experiencing difficulties in conveying their brand on digital platforms. The Brand Perfect Tour brings together expert developers, digital marketers and brand leaders to share knowledge and experience and help brands look flawless whatever the medium.

Beauty, Legibility and Versatility Combine as Key Attributes in Akira Kobayashi's Newest Design

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has launched the 24-font Akko™ typeface suite by Akira Kobayashi, type director at the company's Germany-based subsidiary, Linotype GmbH. The newest member of the Linotype® collection, Akko is the first original typeface by Kobayashi in several years.

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