Can Someone PLEASE ID this font for me?

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Some variation of Dom Casual.

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It must be Dom Casual (Medium) by Peter Dombrezian (1951-1953), available from Linotype, Adobe, Bitstream, Paratype, ++

PS: Aha! Dick you are too fast for me ;)

I found it using Find my Font -

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Fivos -- I find it goes faster if I don't get links or be specific. Also get immediate base pleasure without confrontation.

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Obviously that depends on the link! :-/

In fact it's better to provide a link to a legitimate font, because with just a name the chances of looking for and finding a pirated/plagiarized version go up a great deal.

Never forget about the people making the effort to create these things; they also happen to be the people who made this place.


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Always link to a commercial version of the font if you can, sheesh. It’s not like there are downsides to this practice, and there are plenty if we don’t.

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But Ernst, that's such a drag when all you want is fun fun fun !!!


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