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What Font is it?!

Hey guys !!!

Could you help me to find out what font this one is please!!!??

Thanks for your help in advanced!!!!!


It's so distorted that it's difficult to say, but it looks like a Garamond with a modified /B/

Hey fvilanakis !!!

Thanks for your reply !!!!! And thats the missing part of it, I dont know how many pages I have been going true, and I could not find this B. But to finish my work I need that B !!!!

Any idear?!

Thanks my friend!!!!!

The |B| may not be from a font Don, it could have been customised specially for this job.

Hey Mr.Gräfenberg !!!!

Thats what I think now as well, I have been searching long time and the only Font what gets closed to the "B" is the ZINGHA MEDIUM ITALIC SWASH but only closed!!!! ;) A small part is missing, but I think I can handel it !!!!

But thanks for your time !!!!

Regards from germany !!!!!


Did I miss out on a sale of exclamation points?

... ... ... ... here's some ellipses you can use instead ... ... ...