Can you help with this font please?

Can you help with this font please?



EDIT: too slow …

Yep, it's Lobster
Always link here please:

I'll use your link from now on. But please explain the difference between Lobster 1.4 ©2010 and Lobster Two ©2011 Bold Italic. Two does have 4910 kerning pairs (vs 84). And why is Two not available at your site?

Thanks Steve.
Lobster2 was ikerned, and it also has a few minor tweaks here and there...
It's not yet available at my site, basically, because I've been quite busy making lots of other projects ( and have yet to update the specimens/download pages for many of the those fonts.
If you look at the footer of my site, you will see a lot of fonts that are already available, but does not have a link to the detailed page yet... Maybe in the next months I will grab some extra time to update those pages, but first I have to finish Encode and Libre Caslon.