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Vogue Magazine Fonts

I know the logo is probably a custom font. Correct? Or is it actually Didot or Bodoni modified?

Anyway the main font I really want to know about is the sans-serif font that they have in their magazine and all over the place. It's wide and reminds me of ITC Avant Garde but then the "R" looks much different and the overall appearance is not exactly the same. What font is it?

Thank you.


Vogue Avant-Garde, custom job based on Avant-Garde by Terminal Design.
The masthead is, as you said, most probably a custom job and Didot is probably the closest you could get. You can try Italian Didot or one of the http://Hoefler and Frere Jones'.

Thanks! Do you know of any fonts that are similar to Vogue Avant-Garde? I like that it mixes the ideas of Avant-Garde and Futura.