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Join the LAD Project

HI guys,
I've started this ladproject, it's a "letterform a day" project. I was hoping to see if anyone else would like to join me in this experiment/project. The basics of it are, to "find" or make a letterform a day for 50 days. It can be found anywhere or in anything. You can make one or draw one. Paint one or just find one that's already made. An exercise to open up the possibilities of what can be considered typography, or where we can find typography. Inspired by Stefan Sagmeister and Michael Beirut, I've dedicated myself to find or make a letterform a day. You can follow the progress here... http://nicolascervantes.wordpress.com/ Post your letterforms there and also comment. Thanks guys, here's aB that jumped out at me today.


For better exposure, this should be posted on the General Discussion board. The Blogs section tends to be just that. Blogs. With more personal blog content.

Thanks Chris.