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French café/bistro type

Any help with these or similar?
"Pastis" seems like it might be Coliseum from RRT, but not sure about the rest.
Thanks in advance.


"L'EXPRESS", similar - but not an exact match: http://(Popl) Laudatio by Friedrich Poppl (1982, Berthold)

"DINNER" looks very close to http://Zurich Extra Condensed by Adrian Frutiger (Bitstream)

"LA PUBELLE" looks like ITC Benguiat Book Condensed (see also the restored image bellow).

I found them using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

Fivos, Zurich is Bitstream’s version of Univers.

You are right Jan -and I should have mentioned that in my post- but I haven't found any Univers Condensed version to be so close to the sample as Zurich Extra Cond (considering the overall compression and the shape of /D & /R).

OK. I see.

Can't agree more on "PASTIS", that looks close to Coliseum. I guess they used the same typeface for "DINNER", we just can't see the small flare serifs at this size.
Unfortunately and part of remininding me of Bookman Italic Swash (mainly because of swashes), I don't know any typeface, even loosely similar to "RESTAURANT FRANCAIS". What I've learn from this place is signages are most likely always hand-painted/lettered. There's no digital version of it.

Thanks all, very helpful.