Typeface Distinguishing characters

Hi all, just hoping you could help me out here.

I'm making a type specimen book for my sophomore portfolio review and I'm trying to find distinguishing characters for twenty typefaces. I've been having some trouble finding information on some of the typefaces, so I turn it to you. I need at least 5 distinguishing characters for each, preferably in Roman or Regular, and why they distinguish the typeface. I'm thinking that I'm going to use Q in all of my designs, because almost every Q is different and special. I just need help with the why it is special and wording it appropriately.

Typefaces I still need information for:
ITC Cheltenham
Berkeley Oldstyle

and a few others I haven't researched just yet, so not sure if there is or isn't information. Will update accordingly.

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The original Cheltenham's "r" was something quite special.


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Does the larger x-height in the ITC version change the r? I know that cheltenham was handtooled, so did that have something to do with it?

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No post-metal commercial version that I know of has the awesome ascending "r".

BTW "handtooled" usually means the same as "inline", like this:
I'm not getting how that might be relevant...



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