Can anyone identify these fonts?


"Eatopia": Alpine Script
"youthathon": a Tektrron, slightly customized, could work
"quipio": hard to say, customized (finials curved), very generic (non distinctive, even boring to me) and too few letters. From hand-drawn to any geometric sans, including freebie. Some: Futura, Avant-Garde Gothic, Helvetica, Avenir, Raleway, Nexa... Your best chance is probably asking to Sumesh
"ONSBAY": Lithos

Thankyou so much Man, i think quipio might be modification of Harbara.

i think quipio might be modification of Harbara.

I don’t think so. But Harabara is a modification of Helvetica Bold.

If the "quipio" font is in fact a mod of Harabara it's best to avoid it, since Harabara itself most likely involved outline theft (as Jan kindly hints at).


but there is no other close font , may be this time i need to design shapes & paths without plagiarising the font.

Well, if all you need to set is "quipio" then I would start with a rendering of Futura or Avant Garde and modify away. If you need a whole font, and you're up to making the effort, modify Futura or Avant Garde, just make totally sure it never leaves your hard drive.

BTW, using a plagiarized font isn't plagiarism itself; it's just... inconsiderate. :-)


Thanks Hrant