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Hello there! How's it going? Can anyone write to me what font it is? It seems to be common... Thanks a lot in advance.


I've just tried it. I used it in the past. Perhaps it's not right because of the "quotation marks"! If you can help me again... thanks a lot!

nothing wrong with the quotation marks if you use the proper ones, so far as i see. i may have the wrong weight (don't have others available, sorry)

Yeah, it shouldn't be wrong. What kind of Eurostile have you been using?

no idea. may have been installed with an application somewhere along the line. if I was using my work mac, i'd say the adobe version OTF. but this is my personal machine and i don't have access to the fancy stuff here.

edit - if you meant what weight, i think this was a medium that i falsely bolded in a text editor.

I meant "Eurostile Extended" or "Eurostile Condensed" or "Eurostile Demi" or something else. Any ideas? But you should have been using a simple "Eurostile"...

well, judging solely by your image i'd start with Demi. the adobe version seems a bit heavier than Linotype

the subtext may be another weight and there's always the chance it's been stretched, spaced, etc. experimentation is your friend.

My " quotation marks" doesn't appear like yours! I really don't know why. In advance again, thanks a lot for your precious words!

ok, are you using the regular quotes or typographers quotes? not knowing what application you are using, i can only suggest the following:

“ = option+[
” = option+shift+[

Use so-called "Smart Quotes" “.......” (alt+0147 and alt+0148) .
(Adobe Demi)

thank you! i had no idea what the pc version was.

I'm using a MAC at this moment. I try by it again!

Resolved. Thanks @defiantone and @DPape !