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Who the F**K is Mick Jagger tee font

This one is giving me a headache cause I think in the back of my mind I have seen this exact font someplace before or even had it installed on my system at one point. At first I thought it was Octin College Black.. but it's not an exact match.. can any one help me ID this? Thanks!


those are probably iron-on letters. Not from a digital font. I have a few shirts that I had made at the mall a long ago. One of my shirts has letters similar to this image but different. some random college style lettering.


Agree with Joe. One in the same vein: Octin College (/G needing to be tweaked)

Cool, thanks guys.. Just that i've seen a few t-shirts being printed now with the same typeface, maybe it's just a vector path job rather than an actual font! Think i'll stick with Octin College then!