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I've seen "Helvetica", "Linotype" and some short films...
So do you know of any interesting film/short film to watch related to type in any of it's awesome ways?

Thanks! :)

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Making Faces is a beautiful documentary about Jim Rimmer.

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Saw the trailer, awesome, thanks!

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You may find this short film about Berthold interesting:

It is great seeing the Ikarus system in action.

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A good educational film from the 1960s on the Linotype machine, in some respects better than the recent movie in terms of detail (but not as funny):

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I’ve updated the wiki article on Video to include some of these films linked to.

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Typography videos

And some others which I try to add to —

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It's still in development, but I'm currently working with a colleague the "DocTipos - Portuguese Typeface Design Documentary". For follow up or more info.
It's a project that aims to understand and document the reality of Typeface design made in Portugal by Portuguese designers.
We recently release the official trailer.


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I'm going to trump all these suggestions and give you this amazing doc on letter cutting. Enjoy,141

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FYI: Any posts tagged with "video" on Typophile show up at

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