Cool Gaycake lettering

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This was posted on Yahoo News - a "Gaycake" a teenager baked to let her parents know something important.

I thought the hand lettering on the note (which matches the iced message) was unique, or maybe it resembles a font, or maybe it should be a font! It's kind of a unicase with no descenders. What do you think?

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Interesting handwriting. Love the puns!

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Laurel may have a great career in lettering ahead of her; OTOH, her cake-making skills could use some improvement…

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That definitely makes it into my next presentation.

@dinazina: Do you have a link to the article so I may properly cite it?

In addition, I would post this again on the Type ID Board. I’ll leave this one here.

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But some other cake decorators are less skilled...

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that's how a typical young female writes...

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