Dutch font (?) 1961. Poster by Melin og Österlin

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Dutch font (?) 1961. Poster designed by Melin og Österlin, printer may have chosen font. (Different from the font used on the same poster designed for the show in Sweden or Denmark)

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Thanks Ryuk!, Much clearer.

Still not sure what it is though!

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Can't find anything similar. Some letters make me thinking to Avenir, some others to Futura and /E is very Engravers Gothic...

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Linotype Spartan and Geometric212 BT have some of the look.

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Thanks Ryuk and Bojev, good observations!
We are looking for exact typeface here, as it is part of some historical work in conjunction with an extensive exhibition of Melin og Österlin's work, to be held soon in Oslo.

Any other leads are much apreciated!

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I haven’t seen anything like that in digital. In 1961 it surely wasn’t neither — more likely phototype. Do you need to recreate this setting, or do you need a full typeface? I see Yokoland is curating the exhibition. I know they have the skills to recreate this. Why not ask them? And if not, my office is just down the hallway from them.

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Or do you just need the name of the typeface?

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Or are you Yokoland in disguise? Hei i så fall.

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After talking to a few people it looks quite likely that this is phototypeset Futura, squished and stretched to justify. Roth always used futura apparently. Also is pretty obvious this was designed by Roth, not M&Ö as well!

Og takk for inspill Frode, ikke Yokoland her, mer en slags sympatisør.

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Lykke til!

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