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WTF!? (what's this font ^_^)

who knows what is this font?


The /m and /w have been modified…


thanks pal, you are awesome! it's true that font, even found it's cyrrilic version ITC Studio Script cyrrilic, or StudioScriptTT-Regular

I think the m appears in Studio Script Alt Two and the fourth letter appears as a 'u' in the same font.

sealatusserafim - I hope by 'found, you mean found at a legitimate site for purchase - because Studio Script isn't a free font.

Mike, thanks for the effort. But I hope you realize that Aleksandr got his ID, hence the font, and hasn't looked back... He might look back at this thread the next time he comes around here to ask for an ID, but I would expect him to keep quiet, so people keep helping him... Barring an explicit admission of piracy (and sadly for some IDers not even then) some people are too eager to relish the act of IDing to consider the consequences.

Case in point:
He's been getting IDs here for over three years, and based on the most recent thread* chances are he didn't end up paying for all -perhaps any- of those fonts. But of course it's not good to live a paranoid lifestyle, so the answer might not be going cold turkey, but at a minimum it is what I've been saying: using caution.

* http://typophile.com/node/100306

Also, there should be a way for people who ID fonts to be able to keep track of users who flaunt their acts of piracy, and even ones like Aleksandr and FM_Treezy who might not have admitted it explicitly, but are way too suspect.