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Logo logistics help!

I need help!
I'm creating a website/social networking resource and I am designing a logo. I found a font that I like for free from a website and want to use just one letter "s" for my logo. I will not be selling the logo or distributing the font in any way, just want to have a clean logo for my website/potentially more than that in the future.

1) can I do this?
2) can I customize the logo in photoshop or something and tweak it to make it original and use that?
3)if not, what steps do I need to take in order to do this legitimately?

Any help or advice would be extremely appreciated guys!


Whether the font is free or not, check the license agreement (or even ask the designer). The thing is, when you use a font for something that represents you (as opposed to a client) that might count as "personal use" (as opposed to "commercial use"). But it depends how the designer sees the situation, and it's always good to get an OK in writing.


You will have better luck posting questions like this on the General Discussion board. People don’t really come to the Blog section for Q & A.