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What is this beautiful font ?

Hello everybody.

First of all, thanks for this forum and the community. It is very useful.

I research what is this font ?
I join 4 pictures. I have others pictures if necessary.

Look at the letter "a", I love it. And the letter "t".

But I don't know what is this font ?

I would like to use it for a website.

Best regards.


Thanks !!! congratulations ! It's the true.

I do not know how to find ?? What is your secret to find it ?

Me, I use WhatTheFont of Myfonts but the application don't find it.


Some just know ;-)

This one was easy to me, I worked on DocVadis project some years ago and I remember headlines and main logo were set in Sansumi.
For the rest, I don't use WTF anymore but still post on WTF forum. WTF is not accurate at all to me. The tools I'm using now are WhatFontiS, Bowfin Printworks' lists and fonts identification guides, Identifont, Chrome's code inspector and Chengyin Liu Chrome App WhatFont.