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Engbers font

Hi Guys, does anybody out there know the name of this font?




Reminds me of Verdana but weight and /s are totally off.

It's not Verdana, I've checked before. The font doesn't ring any bell to me so hopefully anybody out there can pinpoint it.

Thanks in advance.

I thought this was easier than this. Nobody seems to know this font!

My first thought was Frutiger, but it is not a 100% match. Also, there is something strange about the shapes; they look as if they have been auto-traced…

I agree. I see a few things that I recognize but I just cannot find the font. Perhaps this is even handmade, based on a font. I don't know.

Hopefully somebody finds it.

Damn, nobody seems to know this font. Perhaps I need to check another forum? ;-))

I really think you should reconsider Verdana.

yeah, i can't agree about verdana. the strokes change in it, albeit not a great deal, whereas in this example the strokes are consistent.

I think this is a custom-made wordmark, not based on any existing typeface. The one who did it apparently tried to derive many forms from others. The results look somewhat off to me. ‘r’, for instance, is almost the same as the left half of ‘n’. ‘g’ and ‘b’ have virtually identical bowls. Also, rounded letters have no visible overshoot below the baseline. Maybe autotracing worsened the appearance of the logo (a look at this PDF seems to confirm that). If you aim for a similar (but more professional) look, I agree that Verdana (or Tahoma) is your best bet.

exactly! it's almost creepy. but maybe i've been looking at it too long.

Sorry for the late reply. I've been ill. The flew is chopping away on Holland.

I've also got the feeling the basic is Verdana, but because it's not well executed it thought this might be a freeware font swirling the internet. The weight seems heavier than the Verdana Regular, the logo font is wider but the balance is off. The 'e' for instance seems to wide for me.
But seeing the fact that this is quite an old company it seems strange to me that this is a freeware font or even Verdana.
Since the company doesn't use Verdana in any publication I skipped this font. But I think I should dig a bit deaper in the companies archive. Perhaps the've got some old file on a disc somewhere.

Thanks for your help!

if you're just looking to have the logo, you can likely find it in a pdf somewhere and just extract it in illustrator. (i feel kinda dumb saying it, as you probably know that already but can't hurt, right?)

Hi Jodie, I've got the logo. I just want to find out the typeface since this is not known within the company. ;-)