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Hi there,

I've been working on a new identity for a young Irish independent Film Festival only in its second year. I've been undecided about a symbol I've been working on for it and I remember when I first came up with the idea I was delighted, I think Ive spent so much time looking at it at this stage that it's starting to annoy me. Looking for fresh thoughts on the symbol as for now the typeface being used is Office. I'd be delighted for any positive/negative feedback/ideas..

The brand attributes include, Vibrant, approachable, Current, Energetic - Supportive. The festival is run by volunteers and all funding comes from sponsorship.

The client currently wants to run with a more aligned version of no.4, I however feel it looks very corporate and very un-'festival' like. This has been the arrangement they have been wanting to go with for quite sometime and most other ideas have been variations on this.

Forget colour for the moment, any thoughts and ideas?


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I should have probably mentioned the 'F' used within the symbol reflects the cut out tracks/cells in a film stri, example being image 1.

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The logos with the slope call to mind film better (the upright ones feel architectural to me) and also are closer to fitting the listed attributes IMO.

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Your solutions don't answer the brief:

"The brand attributes include, Vibrant, approachable, Current, Energetic - Supportive."

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I appreciate the attributes aren't really captured within the symbol, but the symbol they chose They've had they're heart set on since day one. Any other options that I had come up with have been turned down for what basically looks like image 4 except the logotype is horizontally aligned to the height of the symbol. I'm relying on colour and the overall brand identity which will be applied with the logo to capture vibrance etc. cheers your feedback

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I'm afraid I get a punched card or Braille lettering references, but not the film edge. Though I think you can get away with something as simple as taking the F and perforating it vertical stroke to make it look like a film edge.

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I'm not sure that references to physical film are as relevant as they used to be; aren't most young independent directors shooting video these days?

But anyway, the versions that slope look more energetic to me, and I'd suggest italic type that matches the same angle.

Have you explored putting the type inside the graphic? Maybe change the proportions so it's like a single frame from a movie's title.

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Type in #4 works best, but logo is too busy. Logo #1 is very good. Although I might try to use F^3 because number 3 can be mirrored with very similar geometric shape. And to maybe make /F/ more similar to /E/ (inverted /3/) I might write it as /F./ on 3...

But to make it sufficiently fine to combine with type it would rather be inverted in a square. And use #4 type as mentioned.

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