Display Face on Purple Magazine Blog

Can anyone tell me what font this is?

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 6.23.22 PM.png12.42 KB
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I doubt this is a real font. I think you may achieve a similar result by customizing & deforming Kepler Std (Medium Condensed Display)

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i thought Utopia wasn't bad. the P touches there, but the thick/thins aren't right.

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Agree with previous comments, don't think it's a font as it. Top half part of the base serif has been kept and half bottom has been stretched (really obvious on /U). The key point is the P with its slightly falling bowl.

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But that's exactly how some people "make" a font, and redistribute it for free. :-/


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The Purple Fashion homepage has a photo that shows a few more glyphs, possibly a custom font for the magazine?

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