Packaging Fonts ID

1 Glazy
2. Nasscom GDC
3. AquaFresh
4. Pledge
5. Lysol
6 Mona Vie


1. Hand-drawn
2. [[|NASSCOM]]: very close to [[|Futura no.2 Bold]]; GDC (and the rest): [[|Nasalization]]
3. custom logo based on a commercial typeface. Some to start with: [[|Formata]], [[|Segoe]], [[|Myriad]], [[|Richmond]], [[|Phoenica]], [[|Raldo]]
4. Can't remember but I'm convinced this is something I've already seen. This /e rings me a bell.
5. Reminds me of Doyald Young's work. Something between [[|Home Run]] and [[|Eclat]].
6. [[|Democratica]]

Thanks for your help. but No.1 is not Hand Drawn, it is a font used in a design made by some Novice Designer.
i repeat its not Hand Drawn plz help

don't suppose you have any other reference for the glazy image? (website, type of product... anything?). sometimes it helps. i go a little CSI on some of the submissions :)