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hi can anybody please help me identify this font or at least one similar to it, thank you

hi, can anybody identify this font or one very similar to it.
Any help will be much appreciated. thanks


I'm probably wrong but I really doubt this typeface has ever been digitized.
Some to base a customization on: Houschka, Pluto, Andes, Frontage, Estilo, Kessel 205

thanks for the reply, im going to try and remake the font from the ones you've recommended.

Wow, you're going to spend nearly $200 to get those fonts, then struggle to blend them into one harmonious thing? It's probably better to just make it from scratch!!

BTW, just FYI at least some of those fonts have a "no-modification" clause in their EULA. I'm personally not against people ignoring such a clause, but do make dead sure that any derivative font doesn't "drift" to other people's computers...


So what happened with this project??