English sans-serif of the 19th century

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Greetings typophiles!

Does anyone know of any sans-serif typefaces of the 19th century from England? It's rather specific, but hope many typographically-knowledged folk here would know of some.

Cheers all!

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I think William Caslon IV's "Two Line Egyptian" is generally considered the first sans-serif... it's certainly English, and certainly 19th C. Uppercase only, AFAIK. I don't know where you might find an implementation, though (if you need one, that is).

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Thank you very much! An implementation of it (or at least, a reinterpretation of it) may be required at a later stage. But currently, I'm gathering as much as I can. I've scoured the net and have only found a fair few.

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The correct name is "two line English Egyption", BTW. There's a sample halfway down this page.

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Here is an implementation. This is a link to a pdf. I was unable to navigate to anywhere else on Cavedoni's website.
- Herb

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