Looking for a sans-serif with strongly different stroke weights

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It seems to me that it's hard to find a sans-serif typeface that has anything other than identical or nearly-identical stroke weights throughout. I'm looking for something much more like a Didone, or at least a Garalde, in terms of stroke weight, but a sans-serif. Has anybody got any recommendations? Thanks!

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Rotis SemiSans?


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Peignot ? Radiant ?

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Imago. Ludwig.

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Signata by Bernd Möllenstädt.

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These are great suggestions, but nothing's working for me yet. I need to match Adobe Jenson Pro alongside some ornamentation. So many of these have an Art Deco slant that will pull too much focus. The sans-serif part of this design is more of a subheader to the main title, which is in Jenson. Anyway, please keep ideas coming! Thanks! :-)

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There are some sans derivations of Trajan out there (with lc) - one of those might click.


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If it needs to harmonise with a Jenson, consider ITC Legacy Sans.

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In the Optima vein: Classico, Stellar, Beorcana, Meadow, Minerva, Mentor.

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Accent Graphic by Nick Cooke (G-type)
Seaside by Andrij Shevchenko (AndrijType)

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ITC Legacy Sans would really match Jenson, like John said. It has its roots in Jenson, so it shouldn't cause you much problems.

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Here are two examples of a didone-like sans partnered with Jenson Pro... sorry if the title text is nonsense... but you should get the idea...

[Rekord] Prestiggio-Regular
[Hendrick Rolandez] Coco (free)


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