Converting Multiple Master fonts to TrueType, OpenType, or Type 1

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Converting Multiple Master fonts to TrueType, OpenType, or Type 1

I have these stupid Adobe Multiple Master fonts on my work computer installed left over from some Font Folio package.

I’m on a PC and we run Suitcase; and Suitcase will not recognize or run MM fonts. You just get a “font activation error”.

We’re told the ATM version in the Font Folio package won’t run on XP, so I can’t run that either. Plus you wouldn’t run ATM and Suitcase anyway. You’d pick one or the other, and my company runs Suitcase.

We also don’t have TransType ($100 SE/$170 Pro seems absolutely ridiculous for this software anyway) which *might* make the conversion—if we had it.

So…is there some other way that anyone knows of to allow these to run?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Although Windows XP has native support for regular Type 1 fonts, you need ATM to enable MM support. There’s ATM Deluxe, and ATM Light. You can install the latest ATM Light 4.1.2 (no charge download from, and that will do the trick, and still be compatible with Suitcase.


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I sometimes work with Multiple Masters (I’m very sad that they are discontinued) on a PC and in InDesign.
As I use customized weight/width axes and optical axes (!) I need the possibility to set them.

Am I right, that there is no way to do this without ATM deluxe?

At the moment I have ATM deluxe and Suitcase on my system. I have to carefully look nothing gets wrong.
ATM light doesn’t provide any setting MM-Instances.
Also InDesign doesn’t allow setting except of using the optical axe in an automatic way.
Is there any plugin that allows setting of MM-Values in InDesign like in Illustrator?
Or is there a special version of ATM light that does allow to set MM-instances?


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