Soft or Rounded?

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Hello Typophiles,
Hope you've all been good.

I'm giving final touches to a new Latin typeface which has also a soft/rounded version. I was slightly confused whether I should call it Rounded or Soft? Any suggestions?

Here is how it looks:


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I think to call it "Rounded" it would need to be... softer. :-)


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I would not refer to it as "soft"; that's only good for selling toilet paper or bath towels.

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depending on intended use, social might be an option nowadays, instead of rounded

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Smooth is the word.

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"Rounded" says semicircular terminals to me, which this doesn't have. I think "soft" is fine.

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There's nothing wrong with "Soft"! (And anyway people love toilet paper.)


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I call my FF Unit Rounded, because it is. That word is a participle, meaning something straight has been rounded. Nothing about the amount of rounding. There are typefaces called Round, implying that they do have complete semicircles for terminals.

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True, on rethinking it my expectation of semicircular terminals is too narrow for the word "rounded." But at the same time I see Unit's curves as corners made into "quarter rounds," that is as arcs of a circle and thus also the same kind of "rounded" animal as a font with semicircular terminals. Satya's typeface to my eye is a different thing--more inflated than router-carved.

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