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I am happy to finally announce the release of "Lestatic", my largest typeface project to date, and one with a slightly more serious take than usual from !Exclamachine. It is available exclusively through myfonts.com. The collection of 9 families and 27 styles includes a free mashup font to give a taste of the grungier sides of Lestatic. Also, for a limited time, Lestatic Lashed, a more stroked variant, is 75% off!

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Slashed and Sliced are my favorites — I like the way the effects could obviously not be done by a filter or whatever, and are a hand-made part of the type.

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Thanks, Nick. I'm very happy with how the entire group came out! I am most interested to see how Sliced gets used. It reminds me of a super-grainy woodcut style, and I hope offers an effect like no other face out there.

I actually used hand edits, then some filters, then hand editing all over again on Slashed and Sliced and even on Carved. Went a little over the time I had planned, but hey, that's nothing new in my projects. :)

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