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Which font is this Italic:


Which font is this Roman:


These 2 fonts were used for typesetting a commentary to the epistles.

For full bibliography see http://library.brown.edu/find/Record/b1875141

The commentary was printed in 1544 in Lovanium (Leuven, Netherlands).

I own a copy of this 603-page huge commentary book bound in parchment.


Despite being printed in the Netherlands, the Roman shows strong Venetian influences…

Good luck with this one! :)

Closer than I thought possible:
GLC - Gilles le Corre 1543 Humane Jenson


Great find as usual, DPape! Link to the commercial version of GLC 1543 Humane Jenson: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/glc/1543-humane-jenson/

1) So is GLC really giving away a font it also sells commercially? If so, is MyFonts OK with that?
2) Dick, did you know about the commercial version?


I know nothing!

This notes: "Utilisation non commerciale autorisee" which I assume means non commercial utilization is authorized.

Have My Fonts talk to Dafonts.

I don't think Dafont knows how to talk.
But anyway the problem might be GLC (even if MyFonts is OK with it). On the other hand, it seems that the free version isn't as complete as the commercial one (which means the commercial version is usually worth it).

BTW, before recommending a font it might be useful to follow the links a bit.


There's not enough time. This is a competitive sport and every second counts in order to WIN!

All links stop at Dafont, Designers foundry, MyFonts, etc.

Hrant: maybe you should ask Dafont for a job reviewing their submissions so as to nip it in the bud before the flowering season spreads the pollen for us all to sniff.

But don't become Lance Armstrong... It's not considered winning if you damage the thing you're working in. And be careful what you sniff.

I think Ryuk should serve as a model not just because he's very good at IDing type.

As for dealing with Dafont: if they cared they wouldn't exist. And anyway let's just work on Typophile first.


Ryuk is the competition! The only time to catch him is when he's sleeping. He's also got the advantage of not having any illegal fonts... and probably has a faster computer, a faster brain, faster fingers and more books than the rest of us. And he's probably got a lot more experience that us. I suspect he's older than us too. Oh, and probably prettier too.

How can you compete!? Doping -- which I bring to the party. 'Scuse me while I go get a booster.


>BTW, before recommending a font it might be useful to follow the links a bit.

Before casting aspersions on a font it might be useful to follow the links a bit.

Jenson died in 1480, i.e. 60 years before the book was typeset.

Ryuk's main advantage seems to be that he cares about type enough to be careful about what he recommends. Also, one's competition is typically the best place to look for ways to improve.

Steve, it's strange that you only ever find a problem with my stance, and never with that of people who clearly couldn't care less about type itself.

Uli, that doesn't mean Jenson's type was not used. For example Granjon's Armenian fonts were used for about 200 years.


>Steve, it's strange that you only ever find a problem with my stance, and never with that of people who clearly couldn't care less about type itself.

The problem is not with your stance. I pretty much agree with you. Your posts about outline theft, pirated copies, and rip-offs are well taken. Mostly your posts are directed at a few people in IDing contests who are not as passionate as you in the sourcing or origin of the fonts.

You've made your point to them many, many times. Don't you think they understand your point by now? Will saying the same thing to the same people over and over again produce different results?

Also you are shifting the burden to the IDers to make sure they're naming a legitimate copy. Why don't you do a little checking before disparaging fonts and IDers? Why don't you start a list of illegitimate fonts? And more than once innocent posters looking for an ID, some newcomers, got caught in the crossfire.

I'd just like someone with your knowledge and passion to take the rant out of Hrant. Don't give up your principles; just give up being a nag that just incurs the ire of others. And who wants to see a thread about a font ID with more posts about (il)legitmacy (real or imagined) than about the font itself?

> that doesn't mean Jenson's type was not used

The font seems to me to be a Jenson-recut with peculiarities,
e.g. the capital "T" is Garamond-like, at least sometimes.

see http://www.sanskritweb.net/temporary/zigabonus2.jpg

I think persistence is not a wasted virtue. People often change their behavior when there's enough pressure, plus third parties get a better idea of what kind of place this is (i.e. not the Mos Eisley of the type world).

Why don't you ever confront anybody else who you think is doing something wrong?


Steve, this thread
shows that it's very much possible to change people's behavior for the better. Dick kindly retracted his recommendation of a font based on strong evidence of plagiarism.

And I believe this sort of thing can affect long-term, deeper change.


I deleted the reply to stop your public display.

You are sounding a lot like the boy who yelled "wolf"... you make true accusations and false accusations until none of them carry the weight of authority.

If you can't change Dafont then you can't help your cause.

I'm sorry for giving you too much credit. :-/

But I don't believe you care about me looking bad. I think what your removal of the offending font reference did is save you embarrassment. You're not getting away pretending that nothing was going wrong. And here's a crazy idea: when I do make a "true accusation", don't look the other way - especially when you actually edit your post as a result!

As for trying to change Dafont: what kind of crazy talk is that? I'm having a hell of a time changing Typophile! I've said a dozen times that I'm not on some delusional crusade to eradicate piracy or plagiarism - I'm simply protecting this place.


> I'm not on some delusional crusade to eradicate piracy or plagiarism

How come that people claiming to be not delusional start a delusional copyright crusade concerning a font copied 500 years later?

It's actually not about copyright in this case.