Light Weight Slab

Hi Typophiles,

Was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of the font used for the number bullets in this great book designed by Kasper-Florio?

In this picture it is the font of "[S.105] GERTRUDE STEIN"

Any help is really appreciated.



Jan, although I really appreciate you identifying the main font in use within these images. Please read my comment a bit more. I'm trying to find the font used for the number bullets in the first image, and "[S.105] GERTRUDE STEIN" in the second.

Next time I'll do a better job of cropping my images, so its not so confusing, sorry.


If it wasn’t for the »R« I would have said Pica 10 (Pitch) from Bitstream.

Ahhh I dunno Renko I'd probably say that you've found it! I see the "R" as very similar.

Thank you very much!