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Logo font, possibly custom.

Just need the main name's font. "Rupell." I tried WhatTheFont and FindMyFont with no luck.



Here's larger sample.

(did I say something wrong?)

{Edited to remove (repeating) references to plagiarized fonts.}

So what are the chances that XXXXX made that (and XXXXX*) himself?

* {Link to illegitimate Aachen clone removed.}
Hey, ever heard of Aachen?

Allen, I know it's hard, but try to resist using stolen goods.


The fonts in the two images aren’t the same, Dick.

Tips on choosing a name for your cloned font:

  • Look in the dictionary for another word that begins with similar letters (Aachen -> Aardvark)
  • Keep only the consonants and replace the vowels (Bembo -> Bambi)

Jan: Would a company like Rupell have two very similar fonts for their logo?

Hrant: it's not reasonable to track a designer's life work in a single IDing thread. You've been at this for 13 years or so.

Thought Dafont was considered an authentic source? You need to discuss these issues with them.

Justin, good one! :-/
(BTW, you might consider now removing the references to the Aachen and Bembo clones.)

Dick, thank you for removing the reference to the plagiarized font; no need to pretend nothing was going wrong. And I've edited my post accordingly.

I'm not sure what you mean about "tracking a designer's life work". When I saw the font you linked to, I immediately had to suspect plagiarism. I did a few minutes of research, and my suspicion was reinforced enough to issue the warning. And I've been like this for 44 years, not 13.

As for Dafont being an "authentic source", I really have no idea how somebody could think that... And there's no way I'm wasting time trying to convert bottom-feeders.

BTW, the people who made the sign are probably not the people who made the web graphics, so it's actually common to end up with different (if similar) fonts.


Well, I'm confused. Neither one of those images, with their slanted tops/serifs looks anything at all like Aachen.

The Aachen reference only concerned another ethical violation on the part of the person who plagiarized Bembo (which is the font in Dick's image - although not Allen's).


So after all that, what is the name of the OP font?

Best I could guess from the first tiny image is Caslon Black stretched horizontally.

In the big scheme of things that's secondary. The important thing is that nobody is getting away pretending that naming a plagiarized font is OK, especially when they hide the real reason they removed the offending reference.


I'm sure the OP was very satisfied to secondarily participate with the children of Typophile.

Jan: Would a company like Rupell have two very similar fonts for their logo?

Obviously. Look at the leg on the |R| and the overall weight.

I'm sure the OP was very satisfied to secondarily participate with the children of Typophile.

Hrant is not being childish and if you genuinely think this sort of exchange is childish then I politely suggest it’s your attitude that needs adjusting.

Allen, it’s hard to be definitive with such a small sample and the reflective quality of the 3D letters isn’t helping any. First thing I thought of was a black weight of Bodoni.

Whoa! First of, I apologize for starting such a ruckus!

I am remaking the logo for that company, but the only reference they have is their sign. I ended up approximating it with a free font. The gold logo that was posted above is what I myself made after I posted this (the name of the place was likely Googled and the new logo found after I uploaded it).

Thanks to all who have helped, and apologies again for all of the hassle.

No need to apologize. Some of us (although not nearly enough of us lately) make it a point to remind people that the effort that goes into making a font (and by "making" I don't mean plagiarizing...) is worth rewarding.

What font(s) did you use?