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What font is used on the QuikSilver logo?

I realize that it might be custom (especially the added slab serifs and missing portions), but is there some font that comes close to this?

Thanks for your help :)


It looks like a customized http://Interstate Black by Font Bureau
/Q is probably constructed from /O and you could try also to use the /O of DIN Black which is a bit more "square" and closer to your sample.

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

@fvilanakis I think you're right on both Interstate Black and DIN. I thought the Q looked DIN-ish, which threw me off on identifying the rest of the font. And great tip on findmyfont.com

Thanks for all your help!

Some more possibilities (quite same work as described by fivos): Proxima Nova (Extra Bold), http://Gotham, Gibson (a bit bold this one), Colfax (a bit like DIN but probably too much work to do as /K and /S are totally off)

@Ryuk, even if they aren't exact matches, I love the extra suggestions. Thanks!